A few of the initial  2×4 , Black 8 Pocket Binders  were shipped with the wrong UPC code. This is a duplicate code that matches one of our other products the gold 4 Pocket Binder.

2×4 ,  8 Pocket Binder- Black – BN2X4B – MSRP $25.00

Wrong UPC:  : 81888901 775 6     (DO NOT USE)
New Correct UPC:  81888901 777 0     (USE)

We are mailing out replacement stickers to distributors that got some of the initial shipments and we are fixing this on our end so that any shipped out after today 9/24/2015 will have the new correct code.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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Elder Dragon Vault Saves Deck

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I got an email this morning.  That’s not unusual, I get a lot of emails every morning. But this one was special and it made my day.  We believe we make some of the best gaming accessory products on the market to protect your stuff. When it does it’s job, there’s not generally a lot of fanfare. after all… that’s what it is supposed to do.  Enter Chase Hallford.  Chase has been using our Dragon vault for a while and went through a pretty traumatic experience….  This is the email I got this morning, including the pictures…


Hello, I just want to say that your Dragon Lair deck boxes are amazing and I owe it to that because it saved my main decks from a fire that recently happened. The box was sitting in the passenger seat of my truck when it caught fire, and it was the only thing that survived the fire and the firehose that the firefighters used to put out the fire. I have been playing Magic for a couple years now and I don’t know how much money i have put into my Rakdos deck but it is still perfectly fine because it was in your deck box. I believe now that you use real dragon scales to make them fireproof and is very much a great investment, and now my box has a distinct scorch marks that i think will make a great story whenever i go to Friday Night Magic.

~I thank you again, and so do my cards.

IMG_20150831_163851 IMG_20150831_163904

Thanks for making my day Chase!



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The Professor over at Tolarian Community College reviewed our 4 pocket Dragon Hide binder and our new 2×4 4up/playset binder and gave them both great grades! Watch his review HERE!

You can stop by the Legion Supplies booth at GP Detroit or GP London to see more of our stuff. Clayton has a VERY limited number of the 2x4s available for sale in Detroit, get yours before they hit stores!


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Tri Force is Here

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Tri Force

Legion Supplies new products are available now. Look for these Tri Force sleeves and deckboxes at your local game store. Now you can game Tri Force style!


Tri-Force_sleeve-v2          Tri-Force_Deckbox-mockup

Iconic Triforce Sleeves – MAT124 – MSRP $5.00​
Iconic Triforce Deckbox – BOX124 – MSRP $3.50

RESTOCKS – We have a restock of some products that were out of stock that are available now.

Defenders-Sleeve​              Star-Realms-Card-Box-400-Mockup-w-extras      star-realms-flip-box-w-promo
Defenders – DEF001 (Inner Sleeves)- MSRP $5.00​
Star Realms Card Box – STR982 – MSRP $20.00​
Star Realms Flip Box – STR981 – MSRP $10.00​

ART025-YGO006-Unicorn       BOX037-wicked-81888901-337-6       BOX123-Iconic-Biohazard-818889014236       BOX038-serenity-81888901-338-3
Unicorn Sleeves – ART025 – MSRP $4.50​
Something Wicked Deckbox – BOX037 – MSRP $3.50​
Iconic Biohazard Deckbox – BOX123 – MSRP $3.50​
Serentiy Deckbox – BOX038 – MSRP $3.50



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Hey guys, Pelcak here.

A couple of rules changes posted yesterday from Wizards and I want to know your thoughts.

Here’s the link for reference: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/changes-starting-pro-tour-magic-origins-2015-06-29

Here are a couple of my thoughts on the changes.

1. New update to mulligans

Although it’s been a while since I’ve played competitively, I think this is a great change. We’ve all experienced the frustration with mulligans and what they do to the game. I’ve heard this suggestion come up before and I think it will be great for the game.

More importantly, what streaming has done for Magic has been immeasurable. This change reduces the probability of blowout games due to mana screw or mana flooding. In tern, putting more viewers’ eyes on the game.  Great for business. Great for the game.

2. Judges being able to review video coverage (The previous play is under further review!)

All I want to know is, will players be equipped with red challenge flags and can they throw these challenge flags at judges?

I think this is a good change. It probably won’t affect too many matches, but good for the head judge of big events to have in their back pocket just in case.

3. Card layout in video coverage

I feel for Adrian Sullivan here. I really do. I wonder if he’s going to be able to comply with the rules and not completely tilt out of a match. Only time will tell.


Let us know what you think of the changes!



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Legion is proud to announce our very first sponsored player and streamer: Gerry Thompson!

Gerry is a well known professional Magic: the Gathering player out of Minnesota. His accomplishments include:

– 9 Grand Prix Top 8s with two wins

– Pro Tour Gatecrash Top 8

– 6 StarCityGames Invitational Top 8s with two wins

So why Gerry?

We have been considering sponsoring a player for a while now. With Legion being a Minnesota-based company, we have known Gerry for a long time and are excited about the opportunity to sponsor him. With Gerry’s return to the game of Magic and our recent search to sponsor a player, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

Make sure to check out the stream located here: http://www.twitch.tv/g3rryt

Not only will Gerry be talking about our upcoming product releases and special giveaways on his stream, he will be sleeving-up with some Legion swag in live tournaments!

We look forward to what the future holds with this opportunity. And best of luck to Gerry and his pursuit back to the top!


~ Team Legion

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Legion Supplies June Giveaway

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Legion Tins School

This month we are going to summer school. The June giveaway is a Legion Tin. They are perfect for storing your game supplies like dice and deck boxes.

How to enter the giveaway :
Like (or have liked) Legion Supplies on Facebook AND reply to this question in this Facebook thread. What is your current favorite Legion iconic symbol and what new symbol do you want to see from Legion?

Current Legion Iconic symbols are: Biohazzard – Sun – Water – Skull – Fire – Life – Triforce

Legion Tins2

Twitter users:
Follow @LegionSupplies and retweet this status #LegionMonthly with your current favorite Legion iconic symbol and what new symbol you want to see from Legion?

Support your local game store and ask them about Legion Supplies!

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Gen Con Tin

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An awesome Gen Con souvenir and a great gift for your friends. The official Gen Con 2015 merchandise Tin made by Legion Supplies.


Now you can store your game supplies Gen Con style. Use it for Dice, Up to 3 Standard Legion Deckboxes, Miniatures, Templates, Mini Stat Cards, Pens and Pencils

MSRP $10.00
Dimensions: 5.5″ x 7.5″ x 3″

The 2015 Gen Con Tins are available now and until the end of Gen Con 2015. After Sunday August 2nd they will no longer be available to order or purchase.

You can order the Official Gen Con Tin now from our web store and have it shipped to you OR you can arrange for pickup at Gen Con by choosing Gen Con 2015 Booth Pickup #565 shipping method at checkout. When you choose the option for Pickup at Gen Con you will get a confirmation e-mail with further instructions. The last day Pickup at Gen Con option will be available is Friday July 24th.

You can stop by our booth #565 at Gen Con and purchase your Tin there!

Legion Supplies Store

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Grand Prix Las Vegas

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Grand Prix Las Vegas

Are you going to Grand Prix Vegas? With a huge main event, vendors, artists, side events #GPVegas is going to be the largest Grand Prix event ever. Who else is excited and cant wait? Legion Supplies will have a vendor booth at the event so stop by to say hi and grab a fresh pack of sleeves and game supplies.

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Tolarian Community College

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Watch the professor at Tolarian Community College tell his Bad Beets story:

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