Organized play changes for Magic in 2012

Many of you will have already seen this on “the mother ship”.

Big changes coming in year 2012.
Some bullet points:

The Pro Tour will become exclusive invite only events.

Regional Prereleases will end. (we’ll still have some of the largest prereleases around at Misty and Misty North though!)

MANY Grand Prix events will be added around the world.

At this time we believe that PTQs will be completely unaffected.

Head to the link above and read up!

Before anyone gets their hackles up over this, it seems to me to be nothing but win. I would expect with the larger number of GPs, we’ll see some smaller attendances, making them easier to handle/plan for. We’re currently hitting 1000-1200 in some pretty light markets. a few more will hopefully get this down into the 6-700 range a little more frequently. For Prereleases, we’ll hold them similar to what we have been for the time being. However, Misty Mountain North will be moving in the next 6 months, as our location in valley ridge mall is being eliminated for a new city project. Keep your eye out for information on the new location, which will hopefully be coming in the next several weeks to a month!


3 thoughts on “Organized play changes for Magic in 2012”

  1. Sad that you have to move. Hope the new location is closer to me!
    No WOC sponsered Prerelease = no promo? that’s the best part of an event for me. 🙁

  2. @ nick: shouldn’t be too far.

    @ Marc: there should still be promo foils. we just occasionally got other random things like boxes and posters.

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