GP Minneapolis playmat

A little less controversial than the previously announced Indianapolis playmat, this limited edition mat is by up and coming artist Alayna Lemmer. Many of you will recognize Alayna as one of my semi-regular staff stage. She’s got a bunch of work in other games and media, but hasn’t cracked that Magic egg yet.

This mat will be as it is in this pic, no vendor logos mucking up the look. We should have enough for about 750 mats going to players (Staff and judges will get one also!)

The tower shown burning in the back ground is “the Witch’s Hat”. And is a Minneapolis Landmark located in Prospect Park. This legendary structure is rumored to be the “watchtower” in “All Along The Watchtower” written by Bob Dylan, who’s childhood home overlooked the park and the tower.

GP Minneapolis is May 17th-19th.

8 thoughts on “GP Minneapolis playmat”

  1. I like how Legion never fails to show off that it not only knows how to run things right it knows how do quality stuff in a classy way. Awesome.

  2. It is cool to have a twin-cities landmark in the playmat. Bob Dylan’s childhood home was up in Hibbing, Minnesota. If he saw the “Witch’s Hat” it would have been during his year as a student at the U of Mn.

  3. Are the playmats handed out based on registration order? How will this be handled for online registrations? Is there currently a sign-up link?

  4. Scott: just relaying what I read, certainly doesnt mean it’s 100% accurate… which is why I wrote “rumored” because I didnt do any further investigation to determine it’s accuracy.

    Lee: based on registration order, yes. online registration will count, so the first person to prepay/register online will be allocated a mat. we’ll have them set aside for pickup on site. there is not currently a link for prepay online. I will be working on that in the coming week, I hope to have it up by some time next week, giving a solid month of prereg being open before the event.

  5. no, sorry it’s a main event promo. there is a good chance that you’ll be able to find one to trade for or purchase from dealers who have traded for them.

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