TCG Player Diamond Series in Minneapolis tomorrow! Diamond

The MaxPoint Series of events culminates in a $50,000 championship November 30-Dec 2nd in Indianapolis, IN.

Your chance to participate in that huge cash event is here:

Sept 7th

Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 2nd Ave South
Room 103
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Main Event Format: Standard
Entry: $30
Structure: Swiss with cut to Top 8
Registration: 8:30am – 9:45am
Start Time: 10:00am

There is a full schedule of side events and dealers on site for buying/selling.  Click the link below! 

Full event details click here!

Standard Silver event at 3pm!


Redemption at Diamond Opens
TCGplayer MaxPoints can be redeemed at TCGplayer MaxPoint Diamond Open $5Ks for byes – 20 TCGplayer MaxPoints for a 1 round bye, or 40 TCGplayer MaxPoints for a 2 round bye.


Prize purse for $5,000 Tournament

1st Place
$1500.00, Playmat
& 60 TCGplayer MaxPoints
2nd Place
$800.00, Playmat
& 40 TCGplayer MaxPoints
3rd/4th Place
$350.00, Playmat
& 30 TCGplayer MaxPoints
5th-8th Place
$150.00, Playmat
& 20 TCGplayer MaxPoints
9th-16th Place
$75.00, Playmat
& 20 TCGplayer MaxPoints
17th-32nd Place
$50.00, Playmat
& 10 TCGplayer MaxPoints


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