GP DFW, the weather and YOU!

I’ve been getting lots of calls over the last day asking whether we will cancel the GP due to possible inclement weather coming into the DFW on the back of Winter Storm Cleo.

The answer is no.

I am here, the hall is rented/paid for, we’re doin this!  Please check back here for up to the minute details, including delays (if any).

We’d love to have you here, But your safety is more important than Magic! (I know! shocking!) so if you determine that the roads are too bad for you, please stay home.   Refunds can be sent if you preregsitered. If you have preregistered and DO decide to cancel. Please email me BEFORE 8:30 am central time on Saturday morning the 7th so that we can take you out of the pairings for round 1. Refunds will be processed as I am able to over the weekend.

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, we still hope to see you in DFW!



5 thoughts on “GP DFW, the weather and YOU!”

    1. The ice should be mostly done with by early friday.. so a little time to clean up the roads and it should be pretty ok driving!

  1. Do you plan to delay the first round a little? There are a few of us who preregistered and will be arriving at the airport around 9:30 if the weather allows it. (It’s out last hope since the flights were cancelled today)

    1. it is currently delayed till 10am for player meeting. we’re going to audible in the morning based on empty seats if we’ll push a bit. this will not be a typical Legion event that seatings go up right when they’re supposed to. we’re gonna play soft on this one.

  2. We are still coming! Slowly but surely. Is there anyway we can send you out deck lists? We are both pre regestered, just might be close to 10am at this rate. We left yesterday at 7am! Can’t stop won’t stop.

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