Weather update from GP DFW 6pm, Dec 5

It’s finally started that freezing rain they’ve promised us here in Fort Worth. It’s a few hours behind schedule at this point, so hopefully the storm isn’t as big as they expected and it gets over faster too! still shows that it will end by about 1pm tomorrow (Friday). We fully expect the roads to be in decent traveling condition in the greater DFW area by mid afternoon Friday. Then no more precipitation is expected through Saturday at least. The GP will be running as long as we have power, and the chances of losing power downtown are much less than the outer lying areas that depend on power lines which are not buried as they are here. I’ve looked at a few of the larger cities within 6-8 hours and most seem to be set to be done with the precipitation by early afternoon.  I highly encourage waiting to make the decision to cancel until your drive window is on you. A lot can change in 24-36 hours!

What to do if you want (or need) to cancel:

Please reply to your preregistration confirmation email from the preregistration site asking to cancel.  If you are going to cancel on your event, please do so before 8:30am on Saturday the 7th. I will process refunds as I am able.  Please do not cancel if you are not 100% sure you are going to skip the event.  If you have asked for a refund and do not see the refund by Wednesday Dec 11, please contact me for a follow up, I am going to be processing dozens of cancellations which are coming in through all sorts of methods and styles and it’s possible I could miss one! Help me by sending the registration email with a “please cancel” in the body.


Still hoping to see most of you in Ft Worth!




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  1. The four of us are still planning on driving right into the heart of the madness, leaving out from Little Rock around 9:30 in the morn. VIPs en route!

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