#GPDFW nearing end of friday

Today has been a busy, hectic day. Managing to find ways to get staff and judges on site. Helping players with travel issues and answering questions.. lots and lots of questions. I can’t recall when my phone rang so much on tournament day.  My wife Lindsey just posted a perfect summary on her facebook page:

“Cold, tired, and a bit stressed, but so uplifted by the positive attitudes of all the players and staff who have already made it to ‪#‎GPDFW‬, and so completely in awe of the great lengths so many more are going to in order to get here. To sleep now, but can’t wait to see our staff and head judge tomorrow who have all gone to extreme measures to be here by tomorrow. Love you guys!”

We are overwhelmed by the positive energy everyone is bringing and grateful to the players for sticking through this rough storm with us.  Roads will still be icy through the night and tomorrow so remember if you are driving, leave LOTS of extra time. Go as slow as you feel you need to. and get here in one piece please!  We can refund your entry, and while we all agree that GPs are awesome experiences, there will be another one to attend, and it’s not worth risking injury or worse to be here!

Registration is open on site until 12pm tonight (central time) there is NO registration on site tomorrow am, so if you ARE planning on coming, please register online. If you are unsure, REGISTER I can easily refund you if you don’t make it!  if you DO register and decide you can’t make it, follow these instructions for a cancellation and refund.

What to do if you want (or need) to cancel:

Please reply to your preregistration confirmation email from the preregistration site asking to cancel.  If you are going to cancel on your event, please do so before 8:30am on Saturday the 7th. I will process refunds as I am able.  Please do not cancel if you are not 100% sure you are going to skip the event.  If you have asked for a refund and do not see the refund by Wednesday Dec 11, please contact me for a follow up, I am going to be processing dozens of cancellations which are coming in through all sorts of methods and styles and it’s possible I could miss one! Help me by sending the registration email with a “please cancel” in the body.

Every one stay safe!



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