Magic Cruise 6 Packages

Event packages are LIVE for MC6!  Thank you all for your patience!  Shirts and Playmats are available through this link.  The deadline for ordering these items is December 30th (I need time to get them printed and delivered so we can have them on the cruise!)


Event registration is mandatory for anyone who wants to play in the events.  If you do not register through this site for the events, you will not have product brought for you.  I will reopen registration for events only after the t-shirt/playmat window closes as we can take event only registrations right up until a few days before the ship leaves.

As it can be a little confusing the process in detail:

Go tot he Legionevents/mc page, get information for booking your cruise, call carnival, book your cruise using the group code listed there. Once confirmed with carnival, go to the event link above and purchase any tournament packages and add ons you need seperately from teh cruise package!

The event package includes 2 sealed, 1 2HG sealed, 1 Standard constructed, and EDH night and 2 draft sets plus a deckboxes and sleeves from legion supplies for your use.  We will provide all land and tournament operations as well as prizes for all events!

Tshirt and playmat samples below:  Cruise champion will have a custom “champion” playmat on this theme.







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