GP San Antonio Playmat

Greetings all,

We finally have a playmat for GP San Antonio.  Daarken did an awesome job on this mat, it has been totally worth the wait.  Click the thumbnail for a much larger and sweeter version of the image.

Every single competitor in the main event of GP San Antonio will receive a copy of this playmat.  Preregistration for GP San Antonio opens October 28th, and there is a discount for early preregistration.


Oh, and I’m just gonna leave this here:




2 thoughts on “GP San Antonio Playmat”

  1. Do you have the address of the event? I only found the hotel that you provided that says a couple of blocks away from the event.


    1. Tai, it is at:
      Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center
      200 East Market St.
      San Antonio, TX 78205

      Sorry that was not immediately visible, I’ve called it out a bit more on the event page and added it to the Registration page as well.

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