GP San Antonio Artist Interview – RK Post #GPSanAntonio

Greetings all,

Time for another artist interview for GP San Antonio, this time with the witty and engaging RK Post!



Rob: You’ve done quite a bit of Magic art (you can see all of RK’s cards here). Are there any pieces that have a really interesting story or history behind them?14_DefilingTears_P

RK: The one that generally people love to ask about from way back when is Defiling Tears. Most don’t realize that this is no where near the full art. The original card, Dead Walk, was cancelled, so the art was re purposed. The tear was just a random thing I had in the art.

Rob: Is there anything that has surprised you about doing Magic illustration? Is there anything you have been excited about in Magic illustration you don’t get from other illustrations?

RK: It’s longevity and continued popularity! I was crazy popular when I started working on it 16 years ago. Who knew that it would continue to grow and expand?   You get a great and dedicated fan base…instantly.

156598_MagisterOfWorth_RGB_3Rob: Are there any alters or signings you have done at events that are significant or memorable for you?

RK: I have done so many that it is really hard to remember….and oh memory sucks. Every once in a while somebody will remind me of something that they were personally in awe of and I had totally blanked it out of my memory. 😉

Rob: Do you work traditionally, digitally, or both?

RK: The first half of my Magic career was in oils and the second half was digital. I am in the process of trying to transition back to traditional. Or at least balance it some.

Rob: What kind of modeling or references do you use when creating fantastic art? Are they any different than models you have used in non-fantastic pieces?Unmask.jpg

RK: If it’s culturally or time specific, I really try to research. Google is my friend. If I have the time and notion, I may use people reference. It never hurts.

Rob: Do you have anything non-Magic related you want to talk about? Any interesting other projects you have done or are working on?

RK: I’m doing that weird amorphous transition into developing myself as a brand. Trying to get that next art book out too. You really can’t say I am doing “X”…which is kind of odd for me.

Rob: Is there any way for players to get in touch with you outside of events to order alters or prints if they miss you at the Grand Prix?

RK: Sure enough…I have all of that info on my website: Also, follow me:, twitter, tumblr, and Instagram: @postrk

Lightning Angel DownsizedThanks, RK!  I always appreciate having you at a GP.  When I see you at an event I know a ton of people are going to have a good time and get some high quality sketches and alters.

If you want to come see RK, you can catch him at GP San Antonio, November 28-30.  Hall access is free, so you can come and chat with our artists and cosplayer, but if you want to get in some Standard action, you can register into the main event.  The price is just $45 right now, and increases to $50 this Saturday the 22nd.

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