Cruise Tournament packages and add ons


Tshirt and Playmats are only available for purchase until February 5. At that time they have to be sent to print.  Contact me and it is possible we will still be able to add, but there will be no guarantees. We set sail at 5:30pm (PST) After muster (learning about safety and lifeboats). You will be able to find us on the ship deck before sailing if you’d like to meet up with people while we prepare to sail.  Look for us in the center of the pool/deck area wearing our cruise Tshirts! (Purchase link at the bottom of this page)

Cruise Tournament package:  $50 includes a “free” draft set, event packs and prizes for all events on the ship. The Event list can be found here. Each evening event will be approximately 3 hours. Events during full days at sea will be 5-6 hours. Prizes will be 2 packs per win. drop with prizes earned any time! All scheduled events award prizes towards the cruise championship (special playmat) which will be presented Saturday night!

Tournament Package:


Womens Or Mens


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