About Foretold: Rise of a God

Foretold is a turn-based strategy game for 2 to 4 players.  It is a free-for-all competition where the last player standing wins. Players take on the role of an aspiring deity, dependent on their Faithful followers for success. As the game progresses, players collect more Faithful, buy powerful Relics, and expand their modular Temple with additional Tiles. Players will lead a Raiding Party through an opposing Temple on a quest to damage their rivals.  Combat is resolved via dice rolling and strategic use of Faithful, Relics and Fate Cards.

With over 120 different cards to draw and play, Foretold is designed for variety and repeated play. You can play aggressively or defensively, form alliances and then break them- whatever it takes to gain immortality!

The following video tutorial was produced during our kickstarter campaign using the mockup pieces we had.  the final game looks significantly better (full art, etc) but all of the play elements are the same!  We are working out a time to make a better version of this video with all printed components. Look for it in the near future.

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