Q: I drew more gems than I can play on my tower (either through card effects or gem effects like sapphire or topaz). What do I do with the extra gems?
A: Gems that you mine, or receive through card effects, or from other players that will not fit on any of your spires are placed beside your tower, and give you one “bonus point” each. They may be stolen by other card effects, used to pay costs, or chosen if card effects require you to choose some gems to offer to another player, or place on the table. They may NOT be placed on your spires in the event that a spire comes to have fewer than 5 gems on it, unless a card effect allows you to do so. Bonus point gems do not count toward Rainbow From Above.

Q: I drew a ruby and placed it on an opponent’s tower on the only remaining open spire.  That placement put that opponent at 6 full stacks. Does this trigger the end of the game? If so, who is considered to have ended the game, and who gets final turns?
A: Yes, you are considered to have triggered the last turn. Each other player will take another turn, even if one of those players is the player whose tower was fully capped by your ruby.

Q: I ended up with more gems than places for them (due to effects by other players or due to drawing a topaz or sapphire on mysst turn )and am about to play my last card. Can I use the “extra” gems to pay for effects?
A: Yes

Q: Can extra gems at end of the game be stolen by other players through card effects such as “yoink”?
A: Yes


Q: I don’t have enough gems to unstack for each opponent on rain of Jade (played first turn), can I play it?

A: Fulfill as much of the card conditions as you can. Then mine and stack gems for as many players as you blasted. (then mine and stack the final 3)


Q: Rain of Jade, How does it work?

A: Do each thing in order. First, as with every card, the cost must be paid. Unstack a Jade gem from your tower to pay the cost. Place it on the card to show the cost is paid.  Lets go over each section of the card.

Unstack and blast each opponent with 1 Gem:  Unstack 1 gem from a spire on YOUR tower and blast it on to to a spire of the opponent to your left. Then moving clockwise, you will unstack another of your gems, and blast it onto a spire belonging to the next player. And so forth until you have no more gems to unstack, or until you have unstacked and blasted each opposing player.

Mine and stack a gem for each gem you blasted: If you unstacked and blasted 2 other players, (because that’s all the other players there are OR because you ran out of gems to unstack) then you will mine and stack 2 gems for this step.

Then Mine and stack 3 Gems: Mine and stack an additional 3 Gems.

So in the case of a 3 player game where you have cast Rain of Jade and are able to unstack and blast both of your opposing players. When it’s all said and done, you will have mined and stacked 5 total gems. 2 first. Then 3.


Q: What gems can I use to pay costs?

A: You may use ONLY the top gen in any spire to pay costs.  Once you remove that gem, the gem that was under it is now available. If I play Multi Mining with a cost of 2 Quartz, and I only have 2 Quartz on my spires but they are stacked on top of each other, I can remove the first quartz, which allows me access to the second quartz. If I had one quartz on the top row of a spire, and the 2nd quartz was the second gem down on a different spire, I would not be able to cast Multi Mining.