Bacon Sleeves sold out through distribution!


We thought they were gonna be cool. We thought they would do well… but the small print run of bacon sleeves I had printed, more for fun than anything else, has sold out.

They’re being reprinted, but it’ll be a couple months before we see them. Thanks to everyone for the support of our new, cool ideas. we’re looking forward to showing you more fun stuff you’ll want to buy!


Legion Supplies

Well, it keeps getting pushed out… the product is IN the US and is sitting in a warehouse in Chicago pending a truck to bring it to me in Madison. With any luck I get it today. If not I WILL get it tomorrow…or I will rent a truck and drive to Chicago myself!

I’m putting the links active over on the supplies page. So go ahead and order if you’ve been waiting, and I’ll ship as soon as the products hits my warehouse!

We’ve also been picked up by 4 distributors, so chances are YOUR store deals with one of them, so if you’d rather buy it from your FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) tell them to call their distributor and order!


MC3 and Magic Weekends

Well, it finally went live today, the Mother ship has announced a rebranding of Pro Tours into what will now be called “Magic weekend“. This means great things for non pros as well as competitive types. It’ll be like the PT many of you have experienced, but BIGGER. I’ve gotten some rumors of things coming down the pipe and while I don’t know details of anything, this should be a great step for PTs. Party time!

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