MC3 VIP update

well.. that was fast.

regrettably due to an unforeseen conflict Brian Kibler has had to pull from MC3. Let me go a little farther and say this is NOT his fault so no backlash for him please! We’ll still do what we can to load up the crew! I know a bunch of WotC HQ people are planning to come, some have already booked. I need to let this brew a couple weeks and I should be able to clear up a few things and make some more solid announcements.

The timing was very unfortunate (having JUST decided to go ahead on this Kibler announcement late wednesday night), but that’s life sometimes right? please check back in for MC3 updates as we go!


MtG Nationals Gunslingers and Artists announced!

We have confirmation on our Gunslingers and 1 artist for Magic Nationals on Aug 20th in Minnepaolis, MN.

We’ll be joined by Tom LaPille and Zac Hill from Wizards of the Coast R&D and Mike “Darken” Lim, a fan favorite artist! You can see Daarken’s MtG art HERE or visit his website directly!

I’m still working to confirm a 2nd artist for this show, but haven’t been able to finalize yet! hopefully I’ll get details on that within the next few days but I didn’t want to wait ANY longer to announce what we already DO have!

M11 Promotional Item at Minneapolis area Regional Prerelease!

We’ve just announced a last minute promotional item! We’ve been working on it for a few weeks, but just got the word they’re coming down and given permission to start promoting… so here we go!

This is a full sized 24″ x 36″ poster and will be printed on glossy card stock. These items will be free to every participant (while supplies last) at the Regional Prerelease in Burnsville, MN at Misty Mountain! We’ve also got artist Rob Alexander coming, and Bill Stark coming to gunsling, should be a great time!

Here’s a little clip of the poster…

Come out and get yours!