M11 Regional Prerelease Artist and Gunslinger announced!

Sorry it’s been so long in getting you this info!

Rob Alexander, artist on pretty close to a billion cards, is joining us for M11 in Burnsville MN for the Minneapolis Regional Prerelease. You can find a list of his cards here so you can come prepared to buy your favorite prints and get autographs! We’re worked with Rob before (at Magic nationals 2009 in Kansas City) and he’s a great guy and happy to get to hang out with all his fans! Check out his full list here

Bill Stark will be defending a pile of packs I put in front of him. Bill hails originally from Iowa but has been transplanted to Seattle where he worked as an intern for the Mother Ship doing all sorts of things including globe trotting event reporting. He sitll finds himself all over the world doing event reporting for Wizards and has his own Blog/news site: the Starkington Post

So come out to Misty Mountain in Burnsville for your M11 fix and get your favorite cards signed and try to win a few of my packs from Bill Stark!


Midwest Masters Series – final results!

A great weekend of magic finished up Sunday night after a 201 player PTQ at Misty Mountain Games in Madison. I had not expected more than 170-180 top side so we were a little tight in the space. the players were all awesome though and we muddled through. I guess that means I won’t be trying to put another PTQ in that space again. We had been getting consistently 150s for PTQs when I ran them OUTSIDE the store in madison, so I thought we’d be allright being back to back with the MMS. boy was I wrong! thanks to all for coming out to the MMS, which had 218 players and SO many stayed for day 2 of the action!

The MMS finished up pretty early, around 7:30pm when the top 4 split the remaining prize and headed home. Following is a list of the T8 decklists placed in order after swiss, but noting 1/4th or 5/8th, 5/8th meaning they lost their quarter final match.

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