Whew… it’s quiet in here, and bad news for prereleases

whoa, a month since the last update, that’s no bueno.

Too bad I’m coming back with bad news. WotC has disallowed drafts at prereleases, this is apparently not new news, but since the elimination of regional prereleases, I have been out of the loop on the details. I apologize that my info pages listed drafts, I only post the stuff here and not only on store sites because you’re all used to finding the info here, and I JUST found out today that info is wrong.

so sealed events only. no drafts. ALSO, due to a restriction down to 4 events only, we have to cancel 2HG on sunday afternoon. 2HG sunday afternoon is cancelled.

on the bright side of things GP Austin is taking shape, venue contract is in, vendors are lined up, hotel booking is squared… now if only i knew what format we’re going to be running! I promise you, if I knew I would tell you, I’ve been asking and asking what my format will be and keep being told “we’ll get that for you soon”. Soon as I know, YOU’LL know!

Have fun prereleasing (yeah I just verbed that) and dont forget states coming up Oct 15th, and a PTQ in Madison + a YGO Regionals in Minneapolis on halloween weekend! (Oct 29th).