RK Post is joining us at GP Austin

In the vein of “Keeping Austin Weird“, I’m bringing one of the strangest people I know to Austin… RK Post! We’ll be doign a promo playmat featuring RKs art (with a modification on a great new piece he did for some new Legion Supplies deckboxes and sleeves). We’ll get that image worked up and posted as soon as we can!

RK claims to have “Nevah been to Texas.” I can’t think of a better place to introduce him to Texas than Austin!

Legion Events, first out of the box in 2012

Wotc Announced the location of PT#1 in 2012 plus new information on the first wave of Grand Prix to hit next year.

I’m proud to announce that Legion Events has been chosen to host the first Grand Prix of the expanded 2012 season in Austin, Texas! We’re a bare 3 months from the event, and a lot of work to get done before it gets here, so Check back for updated info as I’m able to complete and broadcast it!

(and before you ask; nope, I don’t know anything about the variable prize payout either. That was as much news to me in that announcement as it was to you!)


MtG US Nats, Supplies and Gen Con!

Legion will be on site running 2011 Magic Nationals (the rest ofthe sides, etc will be operated by pastimes)

If you arent busy with nats, come see us on the show floor at booth 2022 (near the WotC booth!) We’ll have lots of stuff for sale including some not yet released items, and limited supplies of Gen Con branded Merchandise; Binders, Playmats, Sleeves and Deckboxes! We’ll have all of our products on hand including the very hard to find Elder Dragon Boxes. I saved a few from this limited run product to sell at Gen con, so if you’ve been looking and can;t find one, come get it! I’ve posted pics of the new stuff on the Legion Supplies facebook page. head over, check em out, and like us while you’re at it! See you all in a couple days!