GP OKC Registration is open!

Registration for the 2nd to last GP for the known future is live!



Full registration details can be found at the registration page HERE

Please join us in OKC for a Modern Showdown!  The venue is blocks away from the “Bricktown” area in Oklahoma City and is full of good food and things to do (besides magic!).

Side event schedule will be posted a little later today!


Legion and Grand Prix 2016

Wizards of the Coast announced the Grand Prix 2016 Schedule today at PT Origins in Vancouver.  Legion Events will not be organizing any of these events. It was not a voluntary step back. Wizards of the Coast has chosen not to put my company on this schedule. I have been told it was a very difficult decision, and I believe it.

I would be lying if I said I was not a little sad that for the first time since April 1997, Legion Events will not be running premier level play for Magic the Gathering. That doesn’t mean you won’t still see me out and about.  I’m still operating the contract for retail at Pro Tours through 2016. Legion Supplies continues to grow in leaps and bounds so you will see my team at various GPs around the world through 2016.

I have been told that this should not be considered an end to my status as a valuable member of the organized play team. Rather, that it’s more of a layoff. As always, they can call me and I’ll be happy to help in whatever way I can to continue to promote the game and community that I love.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me over these past 2 decades. What I have done has been for and BECAUSE of you.

Thank you so very much.