TCGPlayer Diamond event in Madison this weekend!

Details HERE

5 Dealers setup waiting to buy/sell/trade your stuff!  No preregistration for this event, but credit cards accepted on site.

Don’t forget your TCG player points to be traded in for byes! (20 pts for a 1 round bye, 40 pts for a 2 round bye.)

Silver event as side event in teh afternoon (about 3pm) and drafts/standard win a box 8 player events as often as they fire.


June 29th

Monona Terrace Convention Center
1 John Nolen Dr
Madison, WI 53703

Main Event Format: Standard
Entry: $30
Structure: Swiss with cut to Top 8
Registration: 8:30am – 9:45am
Start Time: 10:00am


Level 4 Chris Richter Will be your Head judge.

GP KC is just under 3 weeks away!

Good luck to Cascade Games and all the players for what I’m sure is to be a crazy weekend in Las Vegas.  They have reached the “Largest Single Magic Event in History” status with preregistration alone! I’m a little jealous that I’m not able to go to this one, it should be an amazing weekend of cards and people!

Once you’ve played out your GP Vegas sealed pool, take those modern cards over to KC for Grand Prix Kansas City (actually in Overland park, KS on the south side of the city).

We’ve got a weekend filled with great events and 3 awesome magic artists.  Our promo playmat art is done by Steve Prescott, who will be onsite doing signing and sketches all weekend. In addition to Steve, we’ll have the great Dan Scott as well as the LEGENDARY Terese Nielsen putting in a very rare Magic event appearance!

Preregistration is open now until July 4th. VIP and Sleep in Specials are available as add on services.


See you in Kansas City!

Registration for GP Kansas City is live!

We’re just over 1 month away from GP Kansas City! I’ve just opened online registration. Instructions and link for payment can be found HERE

We’re handling preregistration a little different this time.  Preregistering online WILL register you for the event. No need to check in at the desk. You’ll be emailed a copy of the receipt, print it out and bring that with you OR you can just bring an email version on your tablet or smartphone if you have that with you.  Once again, preregistering for GP KC online will automatically enroll you in the event. We’d love to have you come check in and make sure you’re name is on the list, but it’s not required!  Just show up for player meeting at the 10am (or submit your decklist online if you paid for sleep in special). please do NOT email your decklist if you have not paid for VIP or sleep in special. It will be discarded, that is a service reserved for VIP and Sleep in special customers!

Then you can feel relaxed as you show up Friday afternoon to practice in grinders, Draft, play a free mini master, or chat with our artists and judges.  All preregistered players will receive a promo foil, a GP KC playmat AND the still as-of-yet-unreleased special participation prize.

See you in KC (I’ll  be the one with a BBQ sauce smile!)