Midwest Masters series big news!

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We’ve been working on a deal for a few weeks now and are pleased to announce that all Midwest Masters Series Regional Qualifiers (including last weekend’s event in Pittsburgh!) will provide points to the Wizard World/TCGPlayer.com $75,000 series as well as MMS points! TCGPlayer.com’s announcement HERE!

Each Midwest Masters Regional Qualifier awards $3,000 in cash prizes. The events will also award free passes to Gencon to each of the top 8 players (these badges WILL NOT pass down if someone scores multiple top 8 finishes!) plus Booster boxes, top 8 sleeves, top 8 playmats, plus limited edition sleeves for the judges and custom Gen Con sleeves not available anywhere else to be given away at random to attendees! and NOW TCGPlayer.com points!

TCGplayer.com Midwest Masters Double Qualifiers Will be hosted at 9 locations around the Midwest. TCGplayer.com Midwest Masters Double Qualifier events are Open to all players.

Entry Fee: $30
Format: Standard Constructed

1st – 4th place: 20 MMS Points, Gen Con 2011 Badge and $500
5th – 8th place: 10 MMS points, Gen Con 2011 Badge and $250
9th – 16th place: 5 MMS points
17th – 32nd place: 2 MMS points
33+: 1 MMS Point

Players also receive the following TCGplayer.com Points towards the TCGplayer.com Wizard World Series $75K Championship:

1st: 30 TCGplayer.com Points
2nd: 25 TCGplayer.com Points
3rd – 4th: 12 TCGplayer.com Points
5th – 8th: 6 TCGplayer.com Points
9th – 16th: 3 TCGplayer.com Points
17th+: 1 TCGplayer.com Points

PTQ this weekend, Parking alert!

Helllloooo Magic Players, and welcome to Madison, WI, the epicenter of Left Vs Right in American Politics right now. Perhaps you’ve heard about us on the news, but we’re hosting a bunch of protesters downtown Madison over the last few weeks. Our event venue for this PTQ is located downtown, a matter of a couple hundred yards from the Capital Square where all of these protests have been happening. there is a LARGE Protest planned for this weekend starting at noon. We advise you strongly that once you arrive on site that you leave your car in your parking lot and don’t move it till you leave for the day. If you move it, chances are, it wont be there as people swarm into the area late morning. It would be a good idea to plan on being at the event a LITTLE earlier than you normally would.

Again, we don’t expect this to impact parking right away in the morning, but it will very quickly start adding bodies and you may required to park far away and walk. Come early, stay late, enjoy hanging out playing magic in the middle of one of the largest political protests of our lifetimes 😀 You may also want to make sure you bring some portable snacks as with the large number of people downtown, restaurants/eateries are likely to be very busy.