MC 3 Itinerary and Events list updated

Jump on over to the MC3 cruise page for the new itinerary and details about events. We’ve been moved to the late supper to accommodate our entire group, so we shifted event times around a bit, otherwise it’s pretty close to the same. Evenings (post supper) are open to enjoy shows, karaoke and partying of all kinds, but we should still have the event room most of the nights for those who’d rather draft and play casually there.


FULL PTQ Nagoya Schedule!

I know lots of you have a hard time finding the PTQs in your area… Stark put out a pretty good list for us for Paris last time, but he’s off globe trotting, etc, so I put this list together… Sorted by date, I put the websites for the specific organizers in where i knew them. If you know one that’s missing, send me an email and I’ll add it! Be advised some of the info may not be up on the specific TOs sites yet! ALSO this is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, please check with your local TO on details whenever possible!

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