Map for GP San Antonio

Hey all, I’ve made up a quick google map to help you locate the Hall within the GIANT Henry B Gonzales Convention center. Our hall is about as easy as it could be to get to from the player group hotel (as well as a bunch of other hotels!) and we’re RIGHT on the historic and beautiful riverwalk. The Alamo is only 2 blocks away, so make sure you visit this historic landmark while you’re here!


Google map with hotel and convention center entrance locations marked!



Charity Auction for San Antonio

Legion Events will be holding a Silent Auction promoting Gamers Helping Gamers at the San Antonio Grand Prix.

Information on the items available (with more to be announced at the GP!) can be found at the auction page: here

The items for sale will be on display starting on Friday evening and through the bidding period on Saturday. Players will be able to view the items on Friday and bidding will start on Saturday at 11am. A lined bid sheet will be placed next to each item, with a minimum bid on the top of each sheet. Starting at 11am, bidding will open, and participants may begin bidding with at least the minimum bid. To bid, a player will register their DCI# at the registration stage by giving us their phone number and email address.  A bid is entered by writing your DCI#, and the amount you would like to bid on the next available line on the sheet. Once an item has a bid, you can bid higher by writing your information on the line below and entering a bid at least $1 higher than the previous bid. Bidding will end 30 minutes after the final round of the Saturday Grand Prix rounds. At that point, the highest bid for each item will be the winning bid. Winners will be called to the main event stage, and can pay by cash or credit card, and then will receive the item they have won. All proceeds will go to Gamers Helping Gamers. Winners not at the venue at the time of the final bidding will be contacted by phone and email, and have until noon on Sunday to pay for their item, or it will be sold to the next highest bidder. Any items not paid for by 2pm on Sunday will be forfeit.

Any questions regarding the Silent Auction should be directed to Lindsey Port. She can be reached at, or at the Registration stage at the Grand Prix.



GP Denver Location

Hey everyone,

A couple days ago, Helene Bergot mistakenly sent the address for GP Denver to the twitterverse as the Crowne Plaza in downtown Denver. This was incorrect information, and though she said it had been confirmed with the TO, it had not. I apologize for the miscommunication from them, but I assure you that the venue for the GP in Denver on January 4-6th is is the Crowne Plaza International Airport Convention Center (15500 East 40th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80239).

I have heard some grumbling about this stating that the venue is poor. All my research indicates that the venue is actually quite reasonable. Let me count off the advantages:

  • The rooms at this facility are the most inexpensive rooms I think I have ever booked for a players block at a GP. (Downtown was quoted to me at approximately $60 per night more than Airport, I wont even tell you how much more expensive the Event Hall would have been)
  • They appear to be very reasonably comfortable for that price, and have a very respectable average score on
  • There are dozens of inexpensive food sources across the street.
  • Parking is free.
  • Shuttle to and from the airport is free.
  • I spoke with multiple people who had experience at this site who said it was very solid (a luxury I don’t always have, often I’m going in blind!)

I have spent a lot of time talking with various magic players I know (and I know a few) and have determined that for the most part, the single biggest important thing to them when making a decision to go to an event is “how much is this going to cost me”, followed very closely by “how much of as hassle is it going to be”.  I can tell you that this venue excels at both of these things. It’s cheap to get there, and cheap to stay there.  By comparison downtown hotels are running on average $60 per night more and you would have to pay to park or pay to take a shuttle in from the airport if you fly. I would estimate each person (assume you stack the players in your room like firewood) would expect to pay on average $80-$100 more per person on the weekend if this event were to run downtown than at the location near the airport.

So come on out to Denver.  Hang out with us at the Crowne Plaza Convention Center (near the airport). Feel free to contact me regarding any concerns you may have… but I bet it’s among the least expensive GP weekend you attend all year!