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General, non game-specific updates


Regretfully a problem has turned up with the Steve Argyle art I previously announced. We’ll have to pull it as the mat for denver, but I am looking for new art and will post as soon as we get something approved. I’m hoping to find a piece that features mountains prominently (seems appropriate).

Sorry for the “psych” on that art… and I will let you all know as soon as we resolve a replacement!


GP Denver Side event Schedule updated!

All I had to do was give up!

I got the info I was waiting on form HQ and it has been added to the side event schedule.

Saturday afternoon will feature an inexpensive “rebound” tournament for those who have dropped from the main event. Cost is $15 if you did not play in the GP Main or *$5* if you DID play in the GP Main. This event features free entry to top 4 players into the Sunday morning sealed event which will give 4 exclusive Messenger bags and a free trip to GP Kansas City in July!

Due to some production issues I have switched out the uncut sheet events for Factory RtR Set events and tweaked a few others.

Check the side event page out HERE.



Grand Prix Denver room block

Hey folks, we’re about a month out from GP Denver and the room block will be released to general public in the next couple weeks.  So if you haven’t done it yet, go hit up the Crowne Plaza direct link HERE and book your $89 a night room.

I’m working on finishing up the side event schedule right now (have been waiting for some info from the Mother ship about a series of events we’re working on for 2013) But since I haven’t gotten that info I’m going to push my schedule through without it.