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Midwest Masters Series – final results!

A great weekend of magic finished up Sunday night after a 201 player PTQ at Misty Mountain Games in Madison. I had not expected more than 170-180 top side so we were a little tight in the space. the players were all awesome though and we muddled through. I guess that means I won’t be trying to put another PTQ in that space again. We had been getting consistently 150s for PTQs when I ran them OUTSIDE the store in madison, so I thought we’d be allright being back to back with the MMS. boy was I wrong! thanks to all for coming out to the MMS, which had 218 players and SO many stayed for day 2 of the action!

The MMS finished up pretty early, around 7:30pm when the top 4 split the remaining prize and headed home. Following is a list of the T8 decklists placed in order after swiss, but noting 1/4th or 5/8th, 5/8th meaning they lost their quarter final match.

read on!

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MMS Iowa decklists

A fairly small “crowd” gathered on a BEAUTIFUL May Day in Des Moines for the 2nd Legion Run Magic Masters Series. A series of 9 events leading to a $10k finale at Gencon. Top 8 players win their share of $3200 in cash, plus each get a 4day Gen Con pass and invitation to play in the (free, invitation only) $10k.

114 player battled it out, the top 8 made a full chop though, splitting the prize 8 ways and heading home 3 hours early.

top 8 Decklists follow:

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Magic US Nationals

Well folks, finally I’ve been cleared to let you know what’s up.

Magic the Gathering Nationals will be held this year in Minneapolis on August 21st, thats 2 weeks after Gen Con. The event will be in exact same room Grand Prix Minneapolis was in at the Minneapolis Convention Center. There is a room block secured at the Hyatt Regency right across the block from The Convention Center. Rooms are $99 and currently offer free wireless internet. It’s a great price at a great venue

More details will start rolling out over the next couple weeks including links to the hyatt for reservations and Public Events Schedule.

Yep, it’s a little later than normal this year, but that’s where we ended up.

Look for an announcement about the Magic Regionals coming soon from WotC proper. We should have that news by the first of April.


MMS Pittsburgh rescheduled!

Mike has shuffled a ton of his events to accommodate the MMS move, mostly due to venue issues.. the MMS in Pittsburgh cancelled for the snow-pocalypse has been rescheduled to 07/17/10. Same location as the previous one was scheduled. those of you close to mikes area and may be attending PTQs and other MMS events, note that PTQ dates may have changed to make the squeezes happen; the Columbus MMS is now moved to 6/19 with a PTQ the day after on 6/20.

full details will be posted on http://www.magicmastersseries.com very soon!

Back at it!


What a couple crazy weeks!

Lindsey and I got back from the MC2 cruise and were home just about long enough to wash our clothes, respond to the critical emails that had piled up then off we went to Pro Tour San Diego!

MC2 was an ENORMOUS amount of fun! Check out Evan Erwin’s Magic show! MC3 reservations are open on the MC3 page under the magic header. We’ve already got a bunch of people signed up for it and spots WILL be limited. I’ve spoken with Brian Kibler about coming aboard to be our VIP and he’s said as long as a PT isn’t scheduled on top of the event (which I’ve gotten assurances there won’t be!) He’d be delighted to come! We should have that locked up in the next couple of weeks!

PT San Diego was a great show with lots of folks showing up. We blew the last PT San Diego out of the water for attendance at Public Events. Despite the good sized crowds, it was among the smoothest events ever! Thanks to all the judge crew and operations staff who worked so hard to show the players a great time!

Next up for us is the Midwest Masters Series event in minneapolis. TCG player.com is sending the GGs live crew out for some great video and event reports.

We’ll have some great vendors onsite buying and selling and trading with you:

Gaming etc

Lotus Vault

the one and only, Dan Bock

So join us for Legion events first of 3 events in the Midwest Masters Series where you can win your share in over $4000 worth of cash and prizes, a free Gen Con 2010 Pass and your invitation to play for $10,000 in cash for the MMS finale AT Gen Con 2010 in Indianapolis!

We’re also gearing up for our first in the Wizard World Comic Con series of gaming events with our first event in Toronto the last week of March (the 26th – 28th). The Wizard World home page has all the details which include special guest appearances by dozens of artists, and actors… Eliza Dushku? yes, please, thanks!

The next Wizard Comic Con will be in Anaheim California mid April and will feature an MtG: Rise of Eldrazi Prerelease, increased Yu-Gi-Oh! events and as much other stuff as we can shove into it!

Magic Cruise #3, MC3!

hey there!

It is my pleasure to announce the next Magic Cruise! we’re about to embark on MC2 in just a few short days, but I’ve already got next years worked out so why not spoil it!

Evan Erwin is going to join us again (I don’t think you could keep him away!) and be sure to check the Magic show in upcoming weeks for his Cruise summary show. I’ve got some feelers out for other VIPs to join us on the cruise, and I’m sure we’ll bring someone fantastic!

the basic cruise information and important dates are posted now on the MC3 page now, expect updates including Cruise Qualifier locations and Tournament Package prices once we return from MC2!


MC2 Cruise attendance has marked over 100!

Including staff and VIPs, the MC2 cruise has now pushed over 100 attendees! this is quite an increase from last year!  Last year we were around 70 total with 42 players.    Here we sit at 103 currently (by my count) with over 60 players!   We haven’t even set sail yet and I already can’t wait for the next one!  we’re looking at the same time frame next year, (early February) and hoping to set sail out of the LA/San Diego Area. We should have details on MC3 by the end of February 2010.  All travel arrangements will be handled by the fine folks at All About Travel who were kind enough to come in and clean up some details for me when I got so busy I couldn’t stay on top of the cruise entries!

We’re under a month away from sailing and MAN I can’t wait! in case you missed it.. here’s Evan Erwin from the Magic show and his 2009 Game in the Gulf Cruise feature check it out!

See you on the Boat!

(there is still space available, although tickets costs are going up fast as the boat nears capacity!)