FULL PTQ Nagoya Schedule!

I know lots of you have a hard time finding the PTQs in your area… Stark put out a pretty good list for us for Paris last time, but he’s off globe trotting, etc, so I put this list together… Sorted by date, I put the websites for the specific organizers in where i knew them. If you know one that’s missing, send me an email and I’ll add it! Be advised some of the info may not be up on the specific TOs sites yet! ALSO this is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, please check with your local TO on details whenever possible!

Madison 2/26 date has been moved to 3/5.

1/8/2011 Indianapolis IN www.pastimes.net
1/8/2011 Roanoke VA http://www.starcitygames.com/
1/8/2011 San Diego CA http://cascadegames.com
1/9/2011 Roanoke VA http://www.starcitygames.com/
1/15/2011 Nashville TN http://www.thenextlevelgames.com
1/15/2011 Burlington NC http://www.shuffleupevents.com/ncmagic.html
1/15/2011 Orlando FL http://www.phoenixgames.us/
1/15/2011 Albuquerque NM http://www.sunmesaevents.com/
1/15/2011 Toronto ON
1/15/2011 Montreal QC http://www.spellkeeper.com/ws/
1/15/2011 Columbus OH http://professional-events.com/
1/15/2011 Boston MA http://www.yourmovegames.net
1/15/2011 Kansas City KS http://www.feralevents.com
1/15/2011 Minneapolis MN www.legionevents.com
1/15/2011 Seattle WA http://cascadegames.com
1/16/2011 Rockville MD http://www.dreamwizards.com/
1/22/2011 Sacramento CA http://www.matchplay.com/pro_tour_qualifiers
1/22/2011 Toronto ON
1/23/2011 Atlanta GA http://www.phoenixgames.us/
2/12/2011 Fort Worth TX http://www.aussiefox.com
2/12/2011 Los Angeles CA http://www.sunmesaevents.com/
2/12/2011 Calgary AB http://www.westcanevents.com/
2/12/2011 Orlando FL http://www.phoenixgames.us/
2/12/2011 Garden City MI http://professional-events.com/
2/13/2011 St. Charles MO www.moyevents.com
2/19/2011 Indianapolis IN www.pastimes.net
2/19/2011 Philadelphia PA http://www.graymatterconventions.com
2/19/2011 Mobile AL http://kiteandanchorevents.weebly.com/
2/20/2011 Denver CO http://www.starcitygames.com/
2/26/2011 Oklahoma City OK http://www.aussiefox.com
2/26/2011 Burnaby BC
2/26/2011 Chicago IL www.pastimes.net
2/26/2011 Louisville KY http://www.bluegrassmagic.com/home/
2/26/2011 Santa Clara CA http://www.matchplay.com/pro_tour_qualifiers
2/26/2011 Lincoln NE http://magic.hobbytown.com
2/26/2011 Houston TX http://www.ehevents.com
03/05/2011 Madison WI www.legionevents.com
2/26/2011 Hartford CT http://www.tjcollect.com/index.ph
3/12/2011 Edison NJ http://www.graymatterconventions.com
3/12/2011 Anchorage AK
3/12/2011 Fargo ND http://paradoxcnc.com/
3/12/2011 Boston MA http://www.yourmovegames.net
3/12/2011 Denver CO http://www.frontrangemagic.com
3/12/2011 Salt Lake City UT http://cascadegames.com
3/12/2011 Seattle WA http://cascadegames.com
3/19/2011 Wichita KS http://www.aussiefox.com
3/19/2011 Atlanta GA http://www.phoenixgames.us/
3/19/2011 Los Angeles CA http://www.sunmesaevents.com/
3/19/2011 Rockville MD http://www.dreamwizards.com/
3/19/2011 Pittsburgh PA http://professional-events.com/
3/19/2011 Minneapolis MN www.legionevents.com
3/19/2011 Providence RI http://www.tjcollect.com/index.ph
3/26/2011 Des Moines IA www.moyevents.com
3/26/2011 Jacksonville AR http://www.bluegrassmagic.com/home/
3/26/2011 Santa Clara CA http://www.matchplay.com/pro_tour_qualifiers
3/26/2011 New York NY http://www.graymatterconventions.com
3/26/2011 Edmonton AB http://www.westcanevents.com/
3/26/2011 Montreal QC http://www.spellkeeper.com/ws/
3/26/2011 Honolulu HI http://da-planet.ning.com/
3/26/2011 Columbus OH http://professional-events.com/
3/26/2011 Richmond VA http://www.starcitygames.com/
3/26/2011 San Antonio TX http://www.ehevents.com
3/26/2011 Phoenix AZ http://cascadegames.com
3/26/2011 Portland OR http://cascadegames.com
3/27/2011 Orlando FL http://www.phoenixgames.us/
4/2/2011 Chicago IL www.pastimes.net
4/2/2011 Philadelphia PA http://www.graymatterconventions.com
4/2/2011 Las Vegas NV http://www.sunmesaevents.com/
4/2/2011 Boise ID
4/2/2011 Lafayette LA http://www.ehevents.com
4/9/2011 Sacramento CA http://www.matchplay.com/pro_tour_qualifiers
4/9/2011 Iselin NJ http://www.graymatterconventions.com
4/9/2011 Garden City MI http://professional-events.com/
4/10/2011 Fort Worth TX www.pastimes.net
4/10/2011 Rochester NY

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