Legion Supplies and Grand Prix Deckboxes

Legion Supplies is proud to be the manufacturer of a series of Deckboxes being distributed at the North American Grand Prix tournaments in 2011. Each North American Organizer will have a deckbox with their city and date listed in a “Tour T-shirt” style. The deckboxes will feature custom art by well loved artist Steve Argyle , who will also be appearing at several GPs throughout the year! The Art is a large piece which will be broken down into 8 parts, 1 for each GP, creating the full image once you’ve collected all 8 and place them side by side.

These deckboxes have been manufactured slightly larger from the “standard” deckbox size to accommodate a full sealed pool with your sealed deck in sleeves or a fully sleeved EDH… errr… Commander Deck!

We have the first 4 pieces done…We love where he’s going with this! check ’em out:

NAGP Deckbox Art 1-4

Here are images of the first 4 deckboxes. The final 4 will be produced in march, I will post the final 4 art panels once Mr Argyle finishes them!

GP Atlanta Front
GP Atlanta Back
GP Denver Front
GP Denver Back
Dallas Front
Dallas Back
Providence Front
Providence Back

Each organizer will be responsible for determining the method these boxes are being given away. Please visit the Tournament organizer’s site for that information! (I’ll try to get those sites and link them to the URLs above for your convenience, might take a bit though!

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