New Samples of Future Legion Supplies products are in my hands!

Yesterday I received a box of some promotional items I produced for the Midwest Masters Series Trials and for Gen Con. I was a bit busy and didn’t have to ship them out for a bit, so I just let ’em sit. Today I got an email from my manufacturing plant asking me if I got the boxes and had I looked at them yet. They had included some new product samples and wanted to know if I had seen them.

I ran over to the boxes and started shredding like it was Christmas. I found the box with the samples in it, pulled them out, and on my mother’s honor… danced a jig. Ask Lindsey, I’m sure it was embarrassing and certainly was happy there were no recording devices in operation.

I present to you, Legion Supplies class of 2011:

First up, the new art sleeves I’ve got coming… Left to right, back to front: Pink Camo, Blue Camo, Zombie, Jank, and Coffee. These are 50 packs only, at this time and SHOULD be available within about 3 weeks. They’ve been on a boat for about 5 days now and total transit time is 3 to 4 weeks. ACD Distributor is flooring these products (meaning that’s where I store them) so they’re likely to be the first to get them into stores hands. Any of you who are looking for these items, poke your retailers and let them know they can get these from ACD, Southern, GTS, Aladdin or Alliance. Chances are the store you go to orders from at least one of these distributors! These sleeves each carry an MSRP of $4.50. Plain sleeves are MSRP $3.50.

(Click the picture to be taken to a larger version)

The Art for “Zombie” was done by Alayna Lemmer, an up and coming artist who you all should be seeing more and more of, she turned up a TON of contract work at Gen Con, and hopefully will get a shot at Magic some day! Fun fact: Alayna will be on MC3 as one of my crew/staff! The rest of the design and graphic work (including Jank) was done by Neal Rasmussen.

Those are awesome and I can’t wait to see people playing with them, this order is coming along with 2 new plain colors; Brown and Pink as well as a resupply of the wickedly popular/sell out Bacon, (original) Camo and Ascension 50 pack sleeves. Again, these items are due in my hands by Mid february, so you should see them on your store shelves slightly after that.

And the thing I have been waiting for with SO much anticipation from it’s original concept almost 6 months ago… the Elder Dragon Vault. This product has been a lot of fun (and a little stress) getting developed. We designed a whole new style of “longbox” with built in deck compartments.

I just looked at these pics as posted and decided I needed to put an add here… the gold color on the logo on the box is a foil stamp. It’s not just printed gold color. it’s actually a foil stamping process and really POPS in the light. You can see the gold reflection on the shipping carton right in front of the EDV box.

I also engineered a new style of token for the set. Inspired by the cardboard tokens and pieces you get in board games, but elevated to a longer lasting high quality plastic material. These tokens come in sheets that you punch out. The tokens are a substantial reason for why this process took so much longer than anticipated. At some point near “go time” for the product, I knew I wanted to do a set of tokens to go with this box. With the help of my factory, I looked into various styles of tokens, beads and other things I could include. I knew I wanted them to graphically drive from the same material that the Boxes them selves did, beautifully designed by Neal Rasmussen of RStudio. We stumbled upon this solution, but I have to admit being a little scared that the result would not live up to my expectation. WOW am I blown away. these things are awesome! big enough to see, thick enough to handle, sturdy enough to be able to tell what they are a year from now.

And the sleeves. Wow did these come out excellent. It’s my first forray into foiled sleeves, and was certainly a little worried about how they would turn out. But My Factory guys, as always, showed me some great craftsmanship. the picture we gave them seemed to lend itself well to the style we were going for and the sleeves really … um… shine. šŸ˜€

And.. the dice. I posted this pic a bit ago, and they didn’t send any of the sample dice along with this box, but the dice are awesome. each box is color coordinated to the pair of 10 side dice that come with it green box, green dice, etc. The Dice were part 2 of the delays in getting this box produced. I definitely wanted to include some dice, and looked into custom spin-downs and such, but after lots of discussions with folks around my area, ultimately decided on a pair of D10s as the most useful dice I could give a player. They can be used for counter, or life totals in games of Commander (AKA EDH) where you start at 40, that a spin-down just wouldn’t do. Plus, opening up to a pair of 10 sided gave us more design room to continue the dragon theme straight through every element. I’m pretty happy about how great these turned out also…

I hope you are all as excited as I am about these boxes. They are finishing up manufacturing and packaging RIGHT NOW. and will hopefully find a boat over right after the Chinese new year (Feb 2nd- 6th I believe). We should see them by late February or early March. It will be a bit over a month after I originally expected to have them, which was late January originally. But now seeing the things we added to it to up the cool factor, I know the wait was worth it.

Elder Dragon Vaults will come in 5 colors; Black, Blue, Green, Red and White. They include the Collector box, 120 foil sleeves, a pair of custom D10 color matched dice, and 2 sheets of tokens (12 tokens total). They will carry an MSRP of $20.


4 thoughts on “New Samples of Future Legion Supplies products are in my hands!”

  1. You guys at Legion Events have outdone yourself once again. I have never, ever been a fan of a set of foil sleeves before… But I might have to buy the EDV box set just for those (and the sweet box)

    Keep up the awesome work.

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