Regional Nationals Qualifier this weekend!

2 years ago we had Regionals.

Last year we had Nationals Qualifiers.

THIS year we have a Regional Nationals Qualifier!

Got it?

GOOD! National Qualifiers this year are broken into 2 different types of events over 3 weekends. April 16th, this Saturday, there are 17 National Qualifiers being held in regional locations around the country. Minneapolis is one of those places. The Regional Nats Qs are 8 slot qualifiers; the top 8 make Nationals. The following 2 weekends there will be 1 slot national Qualifiers all over the country in WPN Hobby stores. We’ll be hosting these 1 slot events in both Misty Mountain Locations as well!

Legion Events will host a Regional Nats Q at the Minneapolis Convention Center this year. We’re upstairs in Ballroom B. See you there!

Added: I was just informed that through you can put in 3 1/2 star hotels for $45 and the Millenium hotel is accepting. Millenium is about the closest hotel to the venue.

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