Plainswalker points: 2x + Qualification for Invitational or 5x?

Hey Magic players! It has come to my attention that the Premium level qualifiers (such as the star city games open IQs) that I had planned on running as sides at GP Austin to replace the PTQ that wont be made available to me will retain their 2x multiplier… despite being sides at the GP, the 2x for premium series Qualifiers stays intact.

So the question is this. Assuming I run a tournament with some prize money on it (lets say $2000 to start)… which is better:

option a) an invitational event that lands you an invitation to a larger event down the road (either TCG player or SCG) with a 2x multiplier


option b) a “normal” event that does not run an invite, pays same cash prize but gives 5x multiplier.

I am running this post over to legion events’ facebook page where I will create 2 comments. please like the one you would vote for. a fairly informal poll, but I’d like to get some data so I can provide the best thing for the players!

(if any of my friends down in texas promoting this to their southern friends who may attend the GP could push this out to their friends, I would greatly appreciate it!)

Vote away, and thanks in advance for your help!


6 thoughts on “Plainswalker points: 2x + Qualification for Invitational or 5x?”

  1. I’d like the 5x plus cash more than the qualification, even if I wasn’t already qualified, but that’s me. I imagine that most people don’t too much about the multiplier, and are instead playing to get to the Invitationals.

  2. I’m not clicking like to vote on something that should be pretty clear cut.

    As for the event, I sure as hell hope it’s not a TCG event as they aren’t associated with Wizard World anymore. As for SCG, that would run counter-productive with the GP. Why can’t the event just have fun side events with meaningful prizes like San Diego?

    Anyway, all else fails, option B. I mean, the options are pretty horrendous as they stand.

    Also, it’s Planeswalker. Zodiac Rooster does not sling spells.

  3. Wait, so you think a TCG player event is LESS valuable because they are no longer associated with the company that bailed on their contractual agreement to provide prize money and they (TCGPlayer) stepped up and provided all the money Wizard World was supposed to? seems like the exact opposite of what should happen there. I’m also not sure how a SCG Qualifier runs counter-productive to the GP. Explain?

    The stuff that’s up here isn’t set. I didn’t really do much. there was much confusion about how things were going to work out so I just threw a bunch of things down with TBDs on them so I can make this better.

    At this time I am plan on doing both a TCG player qualifier and a SCG Qualifier. One Saturday afternoon, one Sunday. We will not have a PTQ to run on Sunday so without something like this, there’s not much else to keep the competetive types who dont make day 2 around.

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