3 thoughts on “Grand Prix Minneapolis Travel Guide!”

  1. The travel guide doesn’t seem to mention the light rail as an option for getting downtown. It’s only a couple of bucks (as opposed to $40 for a taxi) and runs from the airport to about 9 blocks from the Convention Center. As someone who used to live downtown, I can attest that it’s by far the most convenient way to get to/from the airport.

  2. When we put together this guide we didn’t realize this would be going out to players as well, so we hid the light rail info in the wall of text about the staff hotel. If you don’t feel like digging it out, I’ve quoted it below:

    There is a light rail station at Terminal 2 that runs direct to downtown every 15 minutes during peak hours, 30 minutes during off hours. You can use this link to get an itinerary for it and linked bus hops to the convention center: http://bit.ly/Ie7E3o The cost is $2.25 during rush hours and $1.75 otherwise, and includes transfers. Public transit only takes exact change, no credit cards.

  3. Just so you know, the information about the lightrail is incorrect. while buses will not accept credit or give change, the lightrail absolutely will.

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