Preregistrations are rolling in!

While we obviously wont see Vegas numbers, it’s been interesting watching the shift to preregistration that has happened for the last few GPS and I am experiencing for the first time here.

Approximately 100 preregistrations have happened since yesterday afternoon. That puts the current total approaching 300. somewhere around 5x the amount of preregistrations I typically get for a GP. I believe this is attributed to the new system which allows me to collect the DCI number on registration reliably, making this an ACTUAL preregistration, not just a prepayment.  Guaranteeing the “freebies” which I’ve always done to the preregistered people (well, unless we run out there, which seems unlikely at this point, I’d need to 3x the numbers registered right now to run out in the next 36 hours).

Remember folks, we’ll still have to have your consent forms and decklists… which we will collect at player meeting.  You can print out a decklist here. and youe can print out a consent form (to allow your name to be put in online pairings and coverage) HERE. Note this form is double sided so please print it to a single sheet, 1 side each side of  the page, stapling/taping forms together gets icky when dealing with 1000 people!
See you all in 2 days!




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