GP Minneapolis Online Preregistration at 500 players – contest prize! #GPMINN

Greetings all,

Our online preregistrations have passed 500 players, so that means it’s time for a prize!

Jerrod McCusker has been chosen as the random winner of the free entry into GP Minneapolis.  If you know him, congratulate him.

The next milepost is 1000 players preregistered.  Some stuff from the contest post follows:

At 1000 online preregistrations a second player will have entry refunded and will also get $40 of free side events – these will be in the form of $10 off coupons, so you can trade them to friends.

At 1500 online preregistrations, a  third randomly chosen player will have the cost of their entry refunded, and will get a booster box of Journey into Nyx.  Like the side event coupons, this can be picked up on-site with your playmat and foil.

If we get to 2000 online preregistrations, a fourth player will get their entry refunded, will receive a booster box of Journey into Nyx, and will receive a free VIP upgrade – we are currently sold out of VIP slots, so the only way to get VIP now is to either be the 2000th online preregistration or win the VIP Dinner “Standard” Sealed.

You can preregister for GP Minneapolis through our preregistration site.

See you at GP Minneapolis!

Rob McKenzie
Event Manager, Legion Events

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