Thank You! #gpminn

GP Minneapolis is all wrapped, events have been reported and (most of) my paperwork is done. Thanks to all 1680ish of you for coming out on a holiday weekend. I got to take my wife out for a slightly delayed Mothers Day dinner tonight after a day of wrap up work.

This was the largest single event my team has run by about 400 players and I feel like we withstood the test very well:

Thanks to the judges for their dedication and hard work.

Thanks to the standby judges who were activated to help us deal with the surge.

Thanks to the vendors who kept you all in cards

Thanks to the artists for mixing it up with all of us fans.

Thanks to the GGs and coverage crews for bringing us great stories all weekend.

Special thanks to Adrian Sullivan for working up the Planes Talkers panel, it was fun to watch and we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback. I can’t wait to do it again in San Antonio!

Thanks to my ops crew for stepping up as they always do! You all inspire me every event!

And thanks to Wizards of the Coast for the game we all love, and personally for the opportunity to do a job I love so much!

The next stop for team Legion is Pro Tour Atlanta where we’re setting up retail space for the pros and observers. Come say hi to Amanda, and Ross, and me!

Thank you all again for a great GP experience, Magic Grand Prix events are really an amazing time made up of so many pieces, not the least of which are my fellow magic fans!



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