Grand Prix OKC starts tomorrow!

So the bad news is that over The last couple weeks, we lost a couple of our originally scheduled artists: Jeff Miracola and Kieran Yanner due to work scheduling issues.  The GOOD news is we picked up Dan Frazier !  Yay!  COme down and see Dan, Clint Cearly, Dan Scott and RK Post.  Play in some events including our VIP sealed which lets you win supper out with these amazing artists, your TO (me) and head judge (Toby Elliot, his schedule permitting!)  We’ll go somewhere awesome in Brick Town right next to the convention center and have a great night eating, talking about magic and all kinds of other stuff. These dinners out have become among my very favorite parts of GP weekends.

Registration onsite ends at 9pm, you can register online up to 10pm. And after that, no dice, so get your registration in and we’ll see you tomorrow!


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