GP OKC Playmats are shipping and GP Madison updates

If you were a player at GP OKC who did not receive your playmat and opted for the “mail me one!” option, those playmats are hitting the post office this week. They will be coming in a Legion branded triangle “tube” and should be arriving at your indicated address over the next 4-5 days.  Thank you all for your patience!

GP Madison has almost 1000 Preregistered players and is still trending towards a 2500-2600 player event.  The cap has been lifted from 2000 to 2250 and Friday’s hours have been expanded to open at Noon instead of 2pm to help accomodate check in and the drafting we expect these extra players will want to do.   I would *highly* recommend Preregistering online *here*, if there are any spots left by the time Friday of the event rolls around, it wont be that many and it would be a pity to travel to the event only to find out we’ve sold out!

I just found out that Aaron Forsythe and Ben Hayes from MtG R&D will be coming to GP Madison!  I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to talk them into doing some gunslinging for us Saturday afternoon.  Check the onsite monitors in the room for updated info on when and where that will be happening!


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