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Magic Cruise 10!

Our 10th anniversary cruise will sail around the Mediterranean setting sail from Barcelona Spain!

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Magic Cruise, the Basics

MC10 will depart from Barcelona Spain on April 15 2018 and sails around the Mediterranean for 7 days.

MC10 Is being Produced by Legion Events, we are partnering with travel agent, Lainey Melnick to arrange bookings.  Lainey’s helped us out with MC8 + 9 and her son is a Magic fan as well, so she’s more familiar with “our people” and what a Magic tournament means.  This makes her a great fit for us. You MUST book through our agent Lainey using our booking code to be allowed as part of the group for MC10. If you book independently, you will not be allowed to participate in the event portions of the cruise.  Lainey is able to secure every rate and sale price you can see! Thank you for your understanding on this!

Booking: Lainey Melnick/Dream Vacations

Itinerary and Tournaments

A link to purchase the tournament package will be live in the months leading up to the Cruise. You must purchase the tournament package if you wish to play. It is not necessary to purchase a tournament package to book with our group.A schedule of tournaments will be posted here.

Date Port of call Arrival Departure Event/Time
Sun 04/15/18 Barcelona, Spain 17:00  8pm Check in, get your stuff!
Mon 04/16/18 Full day at Sea  RIX Sealed 11am
Tue 04/17/18 Cagliari, Italy 7:00 15:30  Standard 8pm (post dinner)
Wed 04/18/18 Naples, Italy 7:00 19:00  Draft 8pm  (post Dinner)
Thu 04/19/18 Rome, Italy 7:00 20:00
Fri 04/20/18 Livorna, Italy 7:00  19:00  2HG 8pm    (post dinner)
Sat 04/21/18 Marseille, France 7:00  18:00 Dominaria Prerelease 8pm (post dinner)
Sun 04/22/18 Barcelona, Spain 6:00 HOME!

Travel to/from the Port

Need help with Flights or transportation? Lainey can help you!


Check back for planned group excursions



Please join the Facebook Group “Magic Cruisers” to stay on top of all the latest updates. We will post there periodically, and also push any updates from our website to the page. It’s also a great place to connect with other cruisers, get tips, and keep in touch. Additionally, we will send out any important announcements to the email addresses you send to us when you book your cruise.

Questions? Contact Lainey:

Lainey Melnick, ACC and Associates
Independent Vacation Specialist
Toll-Free: (855) GR8-TRIP (855-478-8747)Mobile T: (512) 799-0626 Fax: (855) 809-5910

Visit Our Website:

Or post a question on the Magic Cruisers facebook page, where you can get answers from past Magic Cruisers!

Tournament Package and add-ons (Tshirts and Playmats) Can be purchased starting 1 month prior to MC10. The tournament package will be $100 and can only be purchased as either with or without Prerelease (so that our wotc friends on board can pay for event packages and not have to pay for prereleases they can’t play in!)

There will be various formats to include sealed, draft and casual formats. Each Tournament package also includes a draft set for your use as you see fit (open them, find other cruisers to draft with, its up to you!) Each event will give points towards the Cruise champion who will be “crowned” after the final event. The Cruise Champion will receive an MC10 Champion Playmat .

Events are held in the evenings after days at port, or during the day during days at sea.

Purchase Tournament Packages HERE