GP KC Room block cutoff date!

Today is the cutoff date for the official room block at Grand Prix Kansas City. Rooms are $119, and they are large. The hotel is attached directly to the venue, no 20 minute drives from the event hotel to the event venue either, stumble out of bed, punch the elevator button and BOOM you’re at the GP! Rooms may still be available after today, but the rate isn’t guaranteed. So if you know you’re coming, book your room today! Hyatt room block link.

Also if you’re flying in, don’t forget about the special rate at supershuttles! full details are on the GP Page

We’re only 3 weeks away from GP KC!!!!!

MC 4 Status

After much debate, and a lot of deep thought. I have decided not to run an MC4 at this time. The decision has been gut wrenching and have thought about it a long time. With all of the other things going on for me right now, I just don’t have the energy or resources to give the cruise. I thank you all for being loyal supporters, and if/when I get the wherewithal to make MC4 happen, I will make sure to let every one know!


MMS/PTQ this weekend in Madison

This weekend We’ve got a back to back Standard Event weekend with an MMS Qualifier on Saturday and a PTQ for Philly on Sunday! Saturday afternoon (about Round 4 of the MMS) we’ll have a trial for the MMS Series as well, get a few points for your qualification and lock a bye for the next MMS Qualifier!

All the events are standard Constructed and are both being held at the beautiful Monona Terrace. Registration begins at 9 each day with Round 1 beginning at 10am, plenty of time to get there early on saturday and hit the farmers market before we start! There are plenty of hotel options on each side of town. Few hotels in town are more than 15 minutes away from the venue, and there are a few in short walking distance right downtown.

Hope to see you this weekend!


New Phyrexia Gunslinger updates!

Due to me being an idiot. Evan Erwin’s flight was misbooked for tomorrow instead of today. that means he’s not going to be here saturday. I called to change the flight and was told in one case that I couldn’t because the time was too close to the departing flight, and in another that it was going to be over 800 to make the change.

My apologies to anyone who was planning on coming to see Evan on Saturday. Please come back Sunday (or just come out on sunday if you have to pick a day) to see him. he’ll still be there Sunday till 4pm.