5 days left to register for tournament packages on MC8!

Only 5 days left to register for your event package for the 8th Magic Cruise!

The cruise is sold out, there isn’t any more room for new cruisers, but if you registered for the cruise and haven’t paid for your event package (or tshirt and playmat add ons!) then you’ve got until midnight on Sunday January 24th to get it done.  The registration page will be taken down at that point. Anyone coming in after that date can contact me and I will make arrangements if possible, but there will be no guarantees!



MC8 is all booked!

For the first time since we started the Magic Cruise, the ship is fully booked over a month out from the cruise.  There are currently no spots available. If you intended to book at the last minute, it’s too late! there’s always a chance that something frees up and if you are interested in going and have not yet booked your space, please check in with Lainey to let her know to keep a look out.

For those of you who DID book in time, I’m posting the tournament package purchases in just a few minutes, so you can begin buying your packages and add ons.  That page will be located HERE.  Packages will be available for purchase up through January 24th to allow me to produce and send the materials needed to LLoyd to bring to the cruise.  Tournament packages can still be added after that time (if for some reason you need to wait a little longer) but shirts and playmats will not be able to be added after January 24!

We’ll be putting together MC9 in the weeks to come, so keep an eye here for details!