Magic Cruise 6 is Locked!

We thank you all for your patience, we would like to have this done MONTHS ago, but due to a few random things it’s been pushed back.  But we’re locked and ready for you to book!

Magic Cruise 6 will be a 6 Day Mexican Riviera cruise departing from Los Angeles, CA

Departs January 12, 2014. Cruise info and updates can be found here as the are available

Note: In order to be booked with our group, and eligible to play in the tournaments, you (and EVERYONE in your party) MUST provide the Group Booking Number 63GWK3 when booking. You are still able to get the best possible price available to you, but you MUST provide this number to be a part of our group. 

You should also request Early Dining if they ask (the whole group should be early dining, but if they ask, confirm that with them). You should book through the Carnival Group Booking Line, which can be reached at 800-327-5782.


No VIPs have been locked yet, but now that we have a set date, we’ll get to working on that! We encourage anyone who is planning on attending to make deposits right away. We can;t reserve the conference room until 8 cabins have been booked. Please advise us as soon as you put down your deposit!

Get your Flippy Floppies!