at #GPOmaha

I’m pretty excited about this program!

Nick Coss of Card Titan and Adam Shaw (former Level 4 Judge) have teamed up to bring a great new level of service to the Magic Community. It’s called Prereg.Me (Click this for a link to the site).  This is a web portal and an App available for both Android and iOS that allows you to register for an event without actually coming to the registration desk. We are testing this out for them on our Super Series Events tomorrow (Sunday) at #GPOmaha. Download the app or visit the website and sign up now! It takes your credit payment directly on the device as well (cash and credit can also be used at the registration desk if you prefer).

Once you register on the app, simply select “upcoming events” and you will see both Super Series events listed.  Sealed starts at 9, Standard starts at 10.


#GPOmaha Starts tomorrow!

Hey everyone,

If you were traveling today, I hope you made it safely, there’s a pretty rough patch of weather between southern MN and central Iowa all the way over to South Dakota.  Lots of slowed down travel and some road closures.  The weather should be clearing up all over tomorrow though, And the forecast for Omaha on Saturday is highs in the 30s, that’s T-shirt weather! (not really).  Preregistrations are continuing to roll in and our projections based on previous events is putting us on an expected attendance of 1300 players when we get #GPOmaha under way on saturday.

But if you braved the roads today and are joining us tomorrow, the hall opens to the public at 2pm with 9 vendors, Last Chance Trials plus other side events and our artists alley featuring 7 artists with a special Artists Panel tomorrow (Friday) night!

I’ll see you in Omaha tomorrow!


Discounted Registration Closing and VIP Update for #GPOmaha


Two updates everyone out there may be interested in for GP Omaha.

First, today is the last day for $55 GP registration. Tomorrow your price goes up to $60 for the main event. If you want a good deal, you should get in now.

Second, we have our VIP bags in, and they look sweet. Take a look at the awesome swag for this GP:


That is:

  • A GP Omaha VIP Messenger Bag
  • A GP Omaha VIP playmat
  • A GP Omaha deckbox
  • 100 Legion sleeves
  • A Legion water bottle

And…what is that other thing?  Zoom in and enhance:

Yep, we are including a free draft or constructed On-Demand event coupon with every VIP package.  If you were planning on drafting at least once, that’s a quarter of the cost of your VIP right there.

What are you waiting for?  You should sign up now, while it’s cheap.

Registration Button


Oh, and if you’ve already registered and want to add VIP to your GP?  Just click here and you can do that.