Supplies, comic con, Rise of Eldrazi and…. oh my!

A lot of you have become fans of the sleeves I’ve been producing. the quality is amazing and they wear like iron! Well good news!  Yesterday (just as I was taking off for California and the Comic Con here in Anaheim) my latest shipment of sleeves hit the loading dock at the distributor!  This first wave of commercial sleeves come in Black, Blue, Red, Green and White and 1 with custom art by John Matson. They’re in 50ct bags (might expand to 80s in the future if the demand is there!) and I’ve not set the MSRP on them yet, but expect the retail price on them to be competitive with Ultra Pro and Max.  We are working to get them into the distributors system and should be able to be shipped next week to stores.  So tell your stores to call ACD and ask for Legion Supplies new sleeves! We’ll have them at both Madison and Burnsville Misty Mountain Stores for this weekend if you want to be the first kid on the block to have the new stuff.
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