Matthias Hunt wins PTQ Paris

The Magic PTQ for Pro Tour Paris in Madison WI yesterday saw 189 competitors battle for the trip to the first ever GP/PT Combo in Paris next February. Matthias Hunt came out on top after a handful of near misses at other PTQs around the midwest.

He came, he saw, he ground it out. Going into Game 3 it looked like he was going to near miss again but he pulled control away from his opponent Adam Whitlock and soon had Adam extending his hand in congratulations.

Good job, Matthias!


Free RTFC deckboxes @ PTQ tomorrow!

I know it’s a little late, but I was jsut out in the garage getting stuff ready for the PTQ tomorrow and realized I still have quite a few of the RTFC deckboxes left. So tomorrow at the PTQ in madison, WI we’ll hand out a free RTFC deckbox to every player! We’ll put your packs in them at tournament start, that way it makes passing easier too!

See you tomorrow bright and early!


Ahead of the curve

Thanks to Judge and programmer Jordan Baker, Legion Events participants can check their event status, table assignments and end of round time at a website via their smartphone or laptop, anything that can get to a website, really. You can check it out here:

go to the website, enter a DCI number of a player in the event (we’ll use Adrian Sullivan today: 4050025269) and check out the awesomeness!