First Event on MC5 is under way!

I just fired up the sealed portion of the dual format Cruise Championship for MC5.  48 players registered. We’ve got a few in the cabins nursing Launch Night Celebratory Repurcusions ™  All told we’re at 72 people who are connected to MC5, and 54 registered to play.  Most of our events are running unsanctioned so the WotC folk can join in (David Guskin, Lee Sharpe, Jason Radabaugh and Gavin Verhey)


Cruise updates!

MC5 last minute details:

Lindsey and I will be on the Lido deck near the pool (somewhere) once we get on board. We are shooting to be there as close to 11am as we can be so we’ll be around as folks get on board.  Come see us!

Our group is scheduled for supper in the dining room at 6pm. You are not obligated to attended the supper in the dining room, but we’d love to see you there!  We have the Green Convention room at 8pm Sunday night after supper. Those of you who ordered Tshirts can pick them up and just generally sit around and play board games, casual magic, I’m sure a draft or 2 will break out.

We are back in the Green Convention room for the full day at sea days: Monday for the cruise championship and Saturday for the Prerelease.  We’ll be meeting in various places around the ship for other events.  Most likely the upstairs level of the cafeteria.  We didnt get enough nights reserved early to block the room for the whole time.  But that’s never been an issue before! plenty of space to play.

Dave Guskin has a method of keeping in touch through local wifi on the boat (called “Faceboat” and we’ll have that out at the meet up Sunday night so we can show you all how to access it.  Any changes to schedule will be posted there. Lindsey and I are located in room 1066 (assuming something doesnt change). We’ll post any updates needed there as well and if possible, will put notices on/under all cabin doors when we are able!

See you all soon!


Update to Itinerary on MC5!

Due to a little tiff with the country of Belize (apparently) Carnival is not stopping in Belize for our cruise. they are giving us an extra hour in Cozumel and stopping at Costa Maya instead. A bit of a bummer for those of us who were really looking forward to Belize. Carnival is refunding any shore excursion fees paid to the original source it was paid. Please check out and rebook any excursions for Costa Maya at this page, select “Costa Maya” as port of call.

If you havent’t joined us yet, please find us on facebook at MC5 Cruisers

The letter from carnival.


8 days!



Mc5 group excursion

We posted this a while back on the mc5 Facebook group, here it is for those who aren’t on that!

Excursions!! We finally reached a verdict on a group excursion. We decided on Cozumel, so people can get to know each other early on in the cruise. We will be doing the Passion Island by Power Catamaran, which is $69.99. It’s basically a beach party, with an open bar and buffet, volleyball, and water toys. Very laid back, but a good chance for everyone to get to know each other. Steve and I will be there, and we invite any/all of you to join us! (9am-2pm slot)


Ready to go for GP Denver!

Decklist and registration forms are all printed. The hall has been set up (mostly) to spec (a few table tweaks tomorrow). All the various flight cases and boxes o’ stuff have been received and accounted for. Nothing to do but get a good nights sleep, set up the hall with computers and graphics in the morning and at 2pm MST, we’ll fling wide the doors and welcome you all to GP Denver!

Release the hounds!


Weather in Denver for the GP

The weather in Denver is going to be spectacular for the GP weekend, with highs in the upper 40s to low 50s and crystal clear skies.

We’re starting to spool up the GP drive today and doors will open to the public at 2pm tomorrow, Friday January 4th. We hit the ground running with last chance grinders which win you packs AND the winner of each single elimination trial will receive packs, a 3 round bye to the GP and a free sleep in special registration. Turn in your decklists and waiver and you won’t have to show saturday morning until your fist active round (round 4) at 1pm!


Greetings from Denver

Lindsey and i just landed in Denver and are on our way to the Crowne Plaza Denver International airport Convention Center on the free airport shuttle. If you’re flying in to Denver, go to door 506 or 511 and you can wait for it on “island 3” as it makes its every half hour loop. Or you can call the hotel at 303-371-9494 and they’ll send it as fast as they can!

See you all in Denver!

Oh, and zaiem: John Elway has a personal message for you on the airport terminal shuttle. 🙂


(for those of you who have seen this post already, there was a random glitch with it so I deleted and re-posted, move along citizen)