Magic Cruise VIP 7 update!

Hey folks, we interrupt our regularly scheduled #GPOmaha updates to bring you a quick update for the Magic Cruise 7 .

I’ve just confirmed with Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Famer Ben Stark that he will be joining us on Magic Cruise #7.


The Magic Cruise sales from San Juan Puerto Rico on March 15 and returns on march 21. 7 Days visiting the wonderful Southern Caribbean Islands and nights filled with Magic and Kareoke and more! For a full list of ports of call and other information visit the  Magic Cruise 7 page!  Remember, that if you are joining our group it is *imperative* that you use the booking number listed on the MC7 page to be added to our group!



Room block and discounted entry update for #GPOmaha


Two updates on GP Omaha.  First, the room block has been extended through December 25th.  You can get a room at the Hilton Omaha, across the street from the venue and operated by skywalk, for just $112/night, with free internet, at this link.

Also, this is the last day for $50 entry to GP Omaha.  Tonight at midnight the price goes up to $55, and on January 3rd the price goes up to $60.


And remember, GP Omaha VIP cost won’t be going up, but if you plan to be a VIP you get the best deal now by buying while the price of the main event is down.  You get the VIP Messenger bag, 100 Legion sleeves, a Legion water bottle a GP Omaha deckbox, a VIP GP Omaha playmat, access to the VIP lounge with bag check and water service, and Sleep-in Special upgrade (if applicable).  All this for just $60 on top of the GP registration.
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The 2015 Legion Tour #GPOmaha #LegionTour


I want to chat a bit about the 2015 events that Legion Events has, and the awesome things that can happen if you attend multiple Legion events in 2015.  We are calling our 2015 events the Legion Tour.

First up on the Tour is GP Omaha, a Modern event on January 9-11.  You’ve seen me mention it here, but this GP is going to be great.  We have seven artists, a sweet VIP package that includes a GP Omaha messenger bag, a Prize Market, and an awesome side events lineup that includes GP Omaha deckboxes just for playing in some of the side events.  (The deckboxes will be important in a bit.)


Second up on the Tour is GP Oklahoma City, a Modern event on September 11-13.  We can’t tell you a ton about this event yet – however, we CAN tell you that the playmat will be done by Dan Scott.  We have a great sketch in, and are waiting on final art and approval.  The playmat art for GP Oklahoma City is also going to be featured on deckboxes at select side events and for VIPs, like at GP Omaha.

The third and final stop on the Tour is GP Madison, a “Blood” Sealed Deck event on October 9-11.  (“Blood” is the codename for the fall set.)  GP Madison I can say a few things about.

  • Dan Scott is also doing the playmat for GP Madison.  Yes, we have Dan doing all three playmats for 2015.  Yes, they are going to follow a theme.  More on that in a second.
  • At GP Madison the playmat art is also going to go on a deckbox for VIPs and for select side events…and it is also being used to hold your limited pool at the start of the event.  That’s right, you will get the deckbox for GP Madison in side events and also in the main event.

You know that theme for our mats and boxes I mentioned?  There is a fourth piece of art we have coming from Dan.  This piece will be on a tin that holds three deckboxes.  (Like the three deckboxes on the Tour.  Coincidental, huh?)  This tin will have the art for each of the Legion Tour deckboxes on the back, and the front will have this new fourth piece, completing the story told by the art.


So how do you get this tin?  In one of three different ways (while supplies last):

  • By attending GPs in the Legion Tour.  If you attend all three stops on the Legion Tour in 2015 and play in the main event, you get the tin for free.
  • If you only attend some of the GPs, you will be able to buy the tin from the Legion Supplies booth at GP Madison, discounted for each GP you attended in 2015.
  • The tin, with one of each deckbox in it, will be on our Prize Market at GP Madison.

I’ll keep you updated on what the deckboxes and tin look like as we go on and get art locked in for these events.

I’m very excited for our 2015 GPs, and I’m excited to see all of you at the Legion Tour in 2015.
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Featured Side Events at #GPOmaha


I’ve put up a full side events listing for GP Omaha. You should check it out.

If you want the TL;DR and want to just have a few sweet events called out for you, I’ve got you covered too.  I’m going to pick my favorite events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and tell you why they are so awesome.

What is my favorite on Friday?

No questions, the VIP Dinner “Standard” Sealed at 5pm.  It’s $30 for a Sealed where you get to use one booster of every  set in Standard with a bonus Khans of Tarkir booster to make 6.  Just for entering into this event, you get a GP Omaha deckbox.

The very best part of this event is the prize, though.  The winner gets an invitation for them and a buddy to go to a Omaha steakhouse dinner at The Drover, a local steakhouse known for its whiskey marinaded steaks.  Who else will be at that dinner?  The GP artists (all seven of them), Steve Port the tournament organizer, and Chris Richter the head judge.  The dinner is on Saturday night after the GP is done with swiss rounds.  Oh, and you and that buddy get VIP upgrades for the GP, too.

What is my favorite on Saturday?

Besides the GP main event, the Rebound Modern at 3pm is amazing.

The price and prizes are super sweet.  It is a $20 event, but you get $5 off if you played in the GP main event.  Basically, if you get a little unlucky you get a cheaper shot at this event.

So what are the awesome prizes?  Well, you play five rounds of swiss, and if you are undefeated you get a complete set of Khans of Tarkir, plus free entry into the Super Sunday Series event of your choice on Sunday.  (Yeah, that’s one of each fetchland, Sorin, Sarkhan, the whole deal.)  If you lose once, you still get 18 prize tickets, enough for half a box of Khans of Tarkir on our Prize Market.  In fact, everyone down to 2 wins gets prizes.

What is my favorite on Sunday?

I’m gonna hedge a bit here, because on Sunday we really stacked our side events.

We have the two Super Sunday Series events, where you play for the chance to win an invitation to the yearly Super Sunday Series Championship held in Renton, Washington.  That event has a $20,000 prize pool, and the winner of our Super Sunday Series gets a flight to that, hotel for that weekend, and prize tickets on top of that.  You can get there either in Standard or in Khans of Tarkir Sealed Deck.

Those take all day, though.  I’m a busy guy, Rob!  I want something that only takes an afternoon.  Well, we have you covered. If you don’t want to play in an all-day event, there are two events I’d be playing in if I were playing on Sunday.

We have an event we are calling Landlord Legacy at 11am.  It’s a 4-round Swiss event that costs just $15, and for every 10th player in the event, we are giving away an awesome Legacy land at the start of round 1 of the event.  You could get a Revised dual land, a Wasteland, a City of Traitors, or another land of similar awesomeness.  (We like to keep you guessing.)  This is one of those events where everyone wins – every player in this event will get a GP Omaha deckbox just for signing up.  If we get 100 players for Legacy, you might win the jackpot – our awesomeness stakes go up with a foil fetchland as our 10th awesome land.  (And yes, it can fetch an Island.)

If you have two friends who like sealed deck, we are running a Khans of Tarkir Trios Sealed event at 3pm.  Team Trios is my favorite tournament format, and I like to spread the love to it.  To encourage you to play, this event is giving away 24 prize tickets per player to undefeated teams after 4 rounds of swiss.  That’s enough tickets for two boxes of Khans of Tarkir on our Prize Market.  What happens if you don’t quite get there, and lose one round?  You still get 12 tickets per player, which means your team gets enough to get a full box of Khans of Tarkir.  Like our Landlord event, every player that plays in this event gets a sweet GP Omaha deckbox.


All of these events sound like the kind of event you might want to travel for…but they are all happening the weekend of GP Omaha, January 9-11, along with a ton of other side events.  You should join us for the weekend.
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#GPOmaha VIP Details


I’ve had a few people ask me about VIP details, and I figured it was time to make those a little more clear for GP Omaha.

So, lets talk about VIP.

VIP service has a cost of $60 at GP Omaha above the normal registration price, but includes a suite of great benefits to make your

  • Sleep-in Special
    • The Sleep-in Special is included in the price of the VIP package.  If you have byes, just make a decklist on our decklist generator, and email it to prior to the player meeting on Saturday to take advantage of this.
  • Access to the VIP Lounge, which includes:
    • A bag check area, guarded by our VIP Concierge
    • Water service
    • A special VIP parings board, technology permitting.  We will do our best to get you your pairings, but we are in the process of rolling out new GP software that may cause problems with all special pairings, including our scrolling pairings software and online pairings.
      • Note that this does NOT include a special VIP seating area.
    • A charging station for your mobile devices
  • A VIP kit:
    • An awesome VIP messenger bag, featuring the GP Omaha art.  Only 100 will be made.
    • A VIP GP Omaha playmat
    • A GP Omaha deckbox
    • 100 Legion sleeves
    • A Legion water bottle
    • Snacks
    • A lifepad and pen
  • Artist access
    • From 12pm-1pm on Sunday you will have time to chat and get things signed by Winona Nelson, Anthony Palumbo, and Jim Pavelec.
    • From 1pm-2pm on Sunday you will have time to chat and get things signed by Dan Scott, Jeff Miracola, Aaron Miller, and Marco Nelor.


If you are looking at VIP, slots are limited, and the best value is to purchase it before early bird registration ends.  You can get your GP for just $50, and VIP for $60 above that until December 19th.

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Registration for #GPOmaha is live!

Greetings all,

You can now register for GP Omaha, at this shiny button:

Registration Button

And you should ddefinitelypreregister now, before the price goes up.

There are three timeframes for preregistration, each with their own cost:

  • From December 5th through December 19th, preregistration has a $10 discount, making the cost $50.
  • From December 20th through January 2nd, preregistration has a $5 discount, making the cost $55.
  • From January 3rd and on, preregistration (and on-site registration) is not discounted, making the cost $60.

I’ll be posting more about some of the awesome things we are doing at this GP, but to whet your appetite a bit, lets take a look at the artist roll:


Scott-Playmat Miller-Ajani
Nelson-Bruna Nelor-Skinband
Miracola-Wipe-Away Palumbo-Pithing-Needle


And our latest addition, our seventh artist:

Jim Pavelec



See you at GP Omaha!

#GPSanAntonio wrap up and looking forward to 2015

I would like to extend another heart felt thank you to the players at GP San Antonio this past weekend. We 1167 players in the main event and another couple hundred just hanging out and enjoying the side events, 4 artists and our sponsored cos player. We did some good work over those first few rounds in advancing the next version of GP tournament software. There were some long rounds early and you all showed incredible patience as we worked hard to get that program the stress test it needed.

I thank you, and I’m sure that wizards and the dev team thank you as well!

I’m looking forward to #GPOmaha in just 5 short weeks. We’ve got 6 artists coming for the first ever GP in Omaha. The playmat for Omaha was done by Dan Scott and I’m happy to announce Dan has agreed to do mats for all of the Legion GPs in 2015! We’ve got a special surprise in the works for the Legion 2015 GP series with a special bonus for you if you attend all 3 (Omaha in January, Oklahoma City in September, and Madison in October). We’ll be officially announcing this one of a kind bonus item in the weeks leading up to Omaha!

Our venue is attached to the block hotel so you can jump easily between the hotel and venue! Registration will open for Omaha very soon!

See you all very soon!