Magic Nationals and You!

I’ve updated the Magic Nationals page. Hopefully it’s got all the quick questions answered! grinders are thursday from 10am- 8pm. Registration for Nationals proper is all day Wednesday and Thursday and Friday early morning.

Thanks to all for coming out to Grand Prix Kansas City, we had a great time and had a lot of success with our new technology!

Legion Supplies also got a nice write up for the North American Grand Prix series of deckboxes.


Supplies news: Custom RK Post art coming!

Neal cooked up this great idea for a new set of sleeves which we’re about to go into production on. We should have them in the fall of 2011. We’re doing an Angel, Rosie the riveter style. RK Post was the guy we thought of to bring this idea to life, and he signed on with a “hell yeah!”. We have our initial sketch back, and it looks dynamite. RK will be selling first shot prints of Angel Rosie at San Diego Comic Con, go see him and get yours!


Grand Prix Kansas City Pairings demo

Many of the midwest folks, and quite a few others thanks to us running the Sides at Magic Pro Tours, are familiar with my scrolling pairings software. the original software was written by Jim Tweig about 8 or 9 years ago to give us a way to better use our fairly restricted store space for PTQs at the original Misty Mountain Location on Monona Drive.

It evolved a little, but then Jim got a real life and the updates stopped.
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MMS/PTQ weekend #2

Back to back awesome this weekend in the Minneapolis area!

Misty Mountain is hosting it’s last large Magic event in it’s current location, we move to new digs at the end of June (along with a name change to Legion Games!). So come out and help us say goodbye to Misty North before they tear the building down later this fall!

Midwest Masters Series Qualifier is on Saturday with registration at 9. Top 8 qualify for the MMS Championship at Gen Con, along with winning 4 day passes! Top 2 Qualify for the TCGPlayer $75,000 championship at Wizard World Chicago, Aug 11-14th.

Sunday take your shot at the Pro Tour Philadelphia Qualifier. Registration at 9am starts at 10!

We’re also running a Grand Prix Trial for the Kansas City Grand Prix during the afternoon of the PTQ on Sunday That event will be Sealed format and begin around 3pm.

Big weekend!


GP KC, Gen Con and YOU!

Make sure you come visit us at Grand Prix Kansas City for your shot at free Gen Con passes! We’ll be hosting a Midwest Masters Series on Saturday afternoon for those of you who’d rather play standard. The top 8 of that event each qualify for the $10k Championship at Gen COn PLUS they get FREE 4 day Gen Con passes PLUS the top 2 are qualified for the $75k championship at Wizard World Chicago the following week.

In Addition to passes through the MMS, if you get paired up throughout the weekend against Gen Con’s Scott Elliott you’ll earn a free badge to Gen Con as well!

I’ll have a complete lineup of all things made by Legion Supplies as well, so if you’re having trouble finding them in your local area, come to KC and pick up those Zombie sleeves or that Elder Dragon Vault box you’ve been looking for! The EDVs I have will be in VERY short supply, the run is a complete sellout to distribution at this point, except for the small amount I kept back for GPKC and Gen Con!

Just over 2 weeks left till GP KC, make sure you book your rooms soon or you could miss out!