Bad news time – No RKF

Hey folks,

Many of you are as pumped as I am about Richard Kane Ferguson coming to GP MN.  Regrettably, he is NOT going to make the show. His father passed away yesterday, so he will not be able to make the trip.

We wish Richard and his Family the best in this tough time for them, and we’ll try hard to get him out to another Event when he can make it.



Traffic info for GP Minneapolis Players!

MN DoT LOVES to schedule giant projects on weekends when I have GPs.  They did it again for this one. Thanks to Neal Rasmussen for digging this up. those of you traveling in to the event, PLEASE be aware of the roads that are closed and how they will affect you!  some people will be 100% unaffected. many will be forced to detour a couple miles and end up driving through more city streets/stoplights than normal, please plan accordingly if you are driving in Saturday am! traffic will not be heavy, most likely, sat am, but lane closures and detours will force the bit of traffic there is all the same way and has the potential to back it up!

Weekend road closures on I35 E and I94 Another version here


Updated vendors page and Legacy events added!

I’ve dropped a couple legacy events in to the schedule on Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.  We’ll be playing for some from the Vaults. (I need to figure out which ones yet, but I know I have access to some!)

I’ve also updated the vendor page with all attending vendors.  Coming to the event and want to shop around/have them bring stuff for you? check out all the vendors we have coming and get your deal on early!

4 days.


What a great looking weekend for grand pix Minneapolis!

Wow just did a weather check and it looks GREAT! Sunny and 80’s through most of the weekend, a few isolated t-storms on Sunday possible, but Minneapolis is right on the edge of that system, so I wouldn’t expect too much from it.

It’s been brought to my attention that we do not have a legacy event on the side event schedule… What a crazy oversight! I’ll be putting something on for legacy for both Saturday and Sunday, so check back on that in a couple days, and bring your legacy decks!

See you all in 5 short days!