GP San Antonio Preregistration is live!

Preregistration is live for GP San Antonio.  You can get to the preregistration page at this link.

As a reminder, there are three timeframes for preregistration:

  • From October 28th through November 14th, preregistration has a $10 discount, making the cost $40.
  • From November 15th through November 21st, preregistration has a $5 discount, making the cost $45.
  • From November 22nd through November 28th, preregistration (and on-site registration) is not discounted, making the cost $50.


You might also be interested in the VIP registration for GP San Antonio – it includes a metal water bottle, special VIP playmat, GP related bag, and a VIP only lounge and concierge that will check your bags and let you hang out.

GP San Antonio Playmat

Greetings all,

We finally have a playmat for GP San Antonio.  Daarken did an awesome job on this mat, it has been totally worth the wait.  Click the thumbnail for a much larger and sweeter version of the image.

Every single competitor in the main event of GP San Antonio will receive a copy of this playmat.  Preregistration for GP San Antonio opens October 28th, and there is a discount for early preregistration.


Oh, and I’m just gonna leave this here:




GP San Antonio flyer clarification

Earlier this week flyers began to appear at stores in the area surrounding San Antonio. Unfortunately an editing error led the flyer to say the format for the gp is modern.

GP San Antonio is Standard Constructed Format. We have sent new flyers to all the stores along with a letter exposing the mixup and asking them to replace the incorrect flyer with the new one.

We apologize for any confusion it may have caused the players who saw the old, incorrect flyer.

Again GP San Antonio is Standard constructed.

Stay tuned for pictures of the completed playmat very soon! The final has been approved and we’re heading to press. We are printing playmats for every player who comes to GP San Antonio. We’ll have plenty on hand and in the unlikely event we run out due to a giant surge, we will print and mail additional Playmats to anyone who doesn’t get one on site!