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Wizards/DCI Ratings updates

Hi folks,

A few of you have asked me about your ratings and why you don’t see events you’ve played in, specifically States on Dec 5th, on your ratings.  I just spoke with the Database Goddess ™ who told me there was a change done to the system back around thanksgiving which apparently kept the personal pages from being updated.  They are working on that problem and you should see results within the next couple days.  All my events have been checked and have been uploaded, so hopefully once they get that bug fixed you’ll see your ratings!


PTQ San Juan – Minneapolis update!

T8 is under way:

Rank Name Points OMW% PGW% OGW% P/W/D/B
1 Hink, Stephan 21 57.0833 70 54.9614 8/7/0/0
2 Lies, William 20 65.8333 70.5882 65.5279 8/6/2/0
3 Sullivan, Adrian 20 64.3601 85.7143 61.8288 8/6/2/0
4 Tickal, Matthew 19 65 80 61.2025 8/6/1/0
5 Beltz, James 19 63.8244 80 61.1125 8/6/1/0
6 Wesley, Alan 19 62.2917 70.5882 58.6173 8/6/1/0
7 Moore, Rob 19 56.7708 72.2222 53.1234 8/6/1/0
8 Bylander, Jeremy 18 60.7292 73.6842 57.6999 8/6/0/0

T4 is:

Stephen Hink vs James Beltz

Adrian Sullivan vs Rob Moore

T2 was:

Stephen Hink defeating Rob Moore

PTQ San Juan – Minneapolis

136 players today in Burnsville @ Misty mountain North. A little under my hope of 150 but… the weather dudes are all telling people to stay in. expected hi temperature today: -2 (not even counting windchill!). Thanks to all who braved the elements! gerry T even put in an appearance… despite having quit the game. Punted his first match and is headed off to canterbury to play some poker. GG, Gerry T, GG.

New site in the works

Hey folks, I’ve had some success with wordpress over at misty mountain games so I decided to roll the legion site into a wordpress format. hopefully it’ll be a little less work for me to update plus will allow me to more easily edit it from anywhere I can access a computer.

I’m looking forward to pushing this site forward and check back over the next few days for updated info.

You can also get event info on facebook, just search for “Legion Events“!