MC2 Cruise attendance has marked over 100!

Including staff and VIPs, the MC2 cruise has now pushed over 100 attendees! this is quite an increase from last year!  Last year we were around 70 total with 42 players.    Here we sit at 103 currently (by my count) with over 60 players!   We haven’t even set sail yet and I already can’t wait for the next one!  we’re looking at the same time frame next year, (early February) and hoping to set sail out of the LA/San Diego Area. We should have details on MC3 by the end of February 2010.  All travel arrangements will be handled by the fine folks at All About Travel who were kind enough to come in and clean up some details for me when I got so busy I couldn’t stay on top of the cruise entries!

We’re under a month away from sailing and MAN I can’t wait! in case you missed it.. here’s Evan Erwin from the Magic show and his 2009 Game in the Gulf Cruise feature check it out!

See you on the Boat!

(there is still space available, although tickets costs are going up fast as the boat nears capacity!)

2 thoughts on “MC2 Cruise attendance has marked over 100!”

  1. I really hope to go on one of these sometime. Either have to afford to bring the family or convince the missus that I can ditch said family for a week. Keep up all the awesome work – like the new site design. It looks real purty (as opposed to Neil Peart-y).

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